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How to GET the Runaway Aurora filter TRENDING on TikTok and Instagram Reels

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If you’ve come across the “Runaway Aurora” trend on Tiktok or Instagram and didn’t know how to do it, you’re not alone. In this post, I’ll show you how to get the filter/effect on Instagram and also film it for Instagram Reels (and Tiktok!).

But if you didn’t know about the trend, let me bring up to speed.

What is the “Runaway Aurora” Trend?

Simply put, it’s a trend that went viral on Tiktok and later Instagram, where people film short videos using a filter/effect that captures your silhouette along with dreamy backgrounds. The main point of this trend is to use the hook of a song titled “Runaway” by an artist called Aurora in the video.

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HOW to find the Runaway Aurora effect on Instagram

—— go to your instaStory,

—— scroll right to the very end of the effects,

—— click on “browse effects” button,

—— use the search icon to search for “Aurora” or “Runaway aurora”,

—— explore the effects in the results and have your best pick,

—— save the effect

HOW to make Instagram reels with the effect + the original audio

(so that your reels appear along with the other reels that use the audio)

—— go to your reels,

—— click “audio” and search for “aurora” or “runaway aurora”,

—— select where you want the audio to start from (choose the same as the audio start from the chosen effect),

—— click on “effects” and choose the saved aurora effect,

—— record,

—— after recording, go to the next step,

—— select the icon that helps to adjust audio,

—— mute your video audio and keep the song audio


Watch the “Runaway” M/V

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Filming Details

Filmed: Canon G7X Mark II

Edited: iPhone 7 with CapCut

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how to get runaway aurora tiktok instagram reels trend 2021

Thank you for watching! Hope that helps! Let me know if you try these and you can even tag me on Instagram @khairahscorner so I can see your results!

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