Saturday, September 18, 2021

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Hello and Welcome to Khairah’s Corner!

I’m Khairah (@khairahscorner) and I’ve been running this blog since October 2018. It’s a blog for modest fashion advice, skincare reviews and relatable lifestyle content. I also share blogging resources and general helpful tips.

Catch up on all my content on:

– Modest Fashion

– Skincare

– Lifestyle

– Blogging Resources

– Tech Resources

– Travel

– Helpful Tips.

I offer a wide range of blog services suited for brands, small businesses as well as fellow bloggers.


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(Last Updated: July 2021)


Currently at 1.2-1.8K monthly pageviews and 600-1K monthly unique visitors with an average of 110 monthly link clicks: ~20% CTR. (Sources: Google Analytics & Jetpack WordPress).

Users visit through different channels with 80% from organic searches & direct link clicks. (Source: Google Analytics)


My blog audience are based mainly in Nigeria, US, UK and India with almost 45% from Nigeria.

Age range: 18-34yrs (62% of total audience)

Language: English (95%). Readers are also able to translate my content to other languages using the Google translate tool.

Social Media:

I use Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter and I have a combined social media following of 10.1K with over 90% from Instagram and Pinterest.

I also have about 250 blog followers and email subscribers.

If you’d love to collaborate with me, please review my service list and reach out to me via email:

My  rate card can be provided on request.

Some prices are also already stated on the service list.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I look forward to creating content and working with you!

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