Monday, June 01, 2020
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A Roundup of Resources I’ve Found Really Beneficial From Day 1 to 16 – Ramadan Specials

It’s Day 16 and the start of the second half of Ramadan 2020. I hope you’ve been trying your best to cross off your Ramadan goals despite the pandemic. Little progress is still progress. For me, I’ve been making use of some resources so far and they’ve been really insightful and beneficial. I’ve gained considerable […]

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5 Tools to Help You Make The Most of Ramadan – Ramadan Specials

Ramadan Mubarak everyone! Most of us have been preparing for this month even with the current pandemic. Some of us even hoped we’d have gotten past these trying times before Ramadan commences. Despite that, here we are: fasting on lockdowns, no congregational Taraweehs or other bonding activities. It might be the first time fasting under […]

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Feeling Too Much Pressure? Here’s How To Stay Sane Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

I struggled to find the right words to start this post. Why? Because I’ve felt the same way you do. I also wanted to stay sane like you do, which is why you’re reading this right now. The pandemic got a lot of people feeling undue pressure, either from consuming too much content or seeing […]

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On Cyber-Bullying via Anonymous Messaging platforms

Cyber-bullying is still very much a thing and still very much inhumane. It comes in different forms: from making snarky comments on social media to slander and defamation of character on anonymous messaging platforms. Anonymous messaging platforms may have been built for harmless purposes but every tool can be utilised negatively. I wrote this post […]

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