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Mixsoon Centella Sun Vs. Sunprise Mild Watery Light Gel – Sunscreen Reviews

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I am slowly reaching that point where I want to try many sunscreens at the same time, so I might as well start writing comparison reviews; for this post, I’ll be comparing the Sunprise mild watery light gel from Etude House and the Mixsoon centella sun cream.

I already did a review of the Mixsoon sun cream in this post so I’ll focus more on the other one and then, share my thoughts on the differences.



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About Etude House Sunprise Mild Watery Light Gel SPF 50+ PA++++

Formulated with 5 chemical UV filters and 20 kinds of fruit extracts, the sunscreen is quite lightweight, has a creamy texture and blends easily into the skin. It also does not leave any white cast which makes it a total plus and definitely one to try for dark skin.


It comes in a size of 50g at a price range of $10 – $15 and you can shop on Yesstyle and StyleKorean using the links below.

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There is another version that’s mineral and has a milky texture. Reviews say it also leaves no white cast but I’m yet to try it.

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Comparison between Mixsoon Sun Cream and Sunprise Watery Light Gel


1) Type + Ingredients

Both of them are chemical sunscreens, SPF 50+, PA++++, and contain the same 5 UV filters! In fact, the ingredient lists are pretty similar except the multiple extracts and sodium hyaluronate in Sunprise versus Mixsoon’s CICA extract.

2) Texture + Finish

Both have similar creamy textures and are both lightweight so there’s no significant difference in the time it takes for application. They also leave a semi-dewy finish on my oily skin but Mixsoon is more soothing and hydrating (mainly because of the CICA extract ingredient).

MIXSOON Centella Sun


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SUNPRISE Mild Watery Light


3) Smell

⚠️ They both have a slightly strong scent and contain alcohol. However, the Mixsoon sun cream stings the eyes badly when in contact with water; Sunprise does not.

4) Price

Mixsoon is more expensive compared to Etude House Sunprise; Mixsoon retails for $22 – $25 while Sunprise costs about $10 – $15.

Overall thoughts

I think both of them are pretty good choices to try. They each have their pros and cons but if I had to pick, the Sunprise mild watery light gel wins simply because it does not sting my eyes as badly as the one from Mixsoon. It is also a lot cheaper compared to Mixsoon.

Will I recommend? Yes, they are both worth a try. They might not be a good choice for sensitive skin, if you cannot stand slightly strong sunscreen scents, or they easily sting your eyes. However, you might like them if these pose no issues for you.

Will I repurchase? The Mixsoon, probably not (I got another tube via PR + not a fan of the stings). For the Sunprise, I see myself repurchasing if I ever run out of new sunscreen options to try (but I probably won’t 👀).

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Thank you for reading and I hope the reviews were helpful! You can use the links above to purchase all of them, don’t forget to use the discounts (sharing here again for reference).

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