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I’m Never Buying The Dear, Klairs Vitamin C Serum Again

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A perfect one-liner is The Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is the worst vitamin C serum I have ever bought. This review is definitely an unpopular opinion but you’ll see why I think so.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not the worst because it did not work; it’s just that I never got the chance to use it long enough to know whether it actually works! I’m still quite salty from this incident because I’ve read many reviews on its effectiveness. However, I’ll try my best to keep this pseudo-review as neutral as possible.

Let’s take it from the top.



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About The Klairs Vitamin C Serum

Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop is a “skin-repairing antioxidant treatment serum” that helps to “even out skin tone, tighten pores, brighten skin, and fade pigmentation”. It’s vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and suitable for sensitive skin.

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Main Ingredients: 5% pure vitamin C (L-Ascorbic acid), Centella Asiatica Extract.

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My Experience

I bought the Klairs Vitamin C serum after getting some suggestions about it (those made me quite curious). It was only after I got it that I realised it may not have been the best decision for someone like me; I buy my skincare ahead and keep them in my stash to avoid shortage.

In hindsight, maybe I also get some blame because I should have started using it immediately. However, I was more curious about the other vitamin c serum I bought so I tried that one first. This should not have been a problem though; the product was completely unopened and stored away in the corners of my skincare cupboard.

I brought it out recently and barely 2/3 weeks in, it had changed colours. Although I actually cannot remember if there was a colour difference when I started using it, I know it was most likely still as clear as it should be; a change in colour would have made me concerned. Now, it has turned yellow and I did not even use a quarter of it!


For context, the change in colour means the product has started oxidising. Based on feedbacks, it typically goes from yellow to orange to a dark brown.

P.S “Keep your vitamin c serums in a skincare fridge to hinder its oxidation” – Yes, I am also quite aware of that. However, not everyone has access to a skincare fridge (or even a regular, easily-accessible, always-powered one!).

Thoughts on Usage

When I started using it, I did not exactly like it. It had this warm, unusual sensation on application and it also felt oily. As someone with oily skin, I absolutely avoid products that feel this way. I later found reviews that described the same experiences and that it was “normal“. Still, let’s just say this was why I did not use it every day (and why it oxidised before I used a significant portion).

I’ll be honest; the colour change was hard to accept and I was not willing to just give it up. It seemed impossible to let it waste like that so I did some research. I found several resources from skincare brands and experts and they discussed the oxidation stages; situations where you may still use it and others where you absolutely gotta throw them out.

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Of course, these are only opinions and you still have to decide what’s best for your skin. For me, I decided to utilise it generously for some pigmented areas on the body instead; it was only yellow with reduced potency. These areas are also completely unexposed so I am less worried about any side effects from the sun.

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Is it a good choice? Yes and no.

You can read the whole article here so you can be fully aware. Again, there is no guarantee that it’s actually still beneficial to your skin, so if you are able to let go OR it has turned orange/brown, please let it go.

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Final Thoughts

The oxidation was an absolute turn-off for me; a total waste of money and that makes me quite upset just thinking about it. The brand could have made the product with tinted bottles, like most brands do! However, they did not and that just seems selfish.


Will I recommend? From a purely skincare perspective, it may be worth the try. There are several positive reviews about it, so it ought to have at least some efficacy to it. However, if it’s based on my experience, it’s a solid NO.

Will I repurchase? Absolutely not. No questions asked.

**All pictures used in this post are mine except stated otherwise. Do not repost/reuse without permission.

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Thank you for reading and I hope this helps you decide whether it’s a serum worth purchasing! If you’d be purchasing, don’t forget to use the link above and the discount code as well.

Let me know if you’ve tried this product and what your experience was like in the comments!🖤 Surely, there are real people that can explain why they love the serum despite its major limitation.


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Till Next Time,

With Love,



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