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10 Items to Carry Around As a Student Blogger: What’s In My Bag

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Are you a student blogger? This post is for you! This post is long overdue and since I recently started my internship, I wouldn’t be able to give my blog as much time as I used to(sacrifices one has to make when learning something completely new). BUT, once I get the hang of balancing it all, you’ll always get blogposts alerts from me, so make sure to stay with me😃(and my blog)!!

NOW, As a student-blogger, I know how tiring combining both can be at times(especially if you are a straight A’s student) so here’s a list of some things you SHOULD have in your bag that can help manage things a little bit and you’ll see why!!

1) Phone

Hello, it’s the 21st Century, the easiest blogging tool to carry around AS A STUDENT is your phone. Besides, it’s the best way to stay in touch with your colleagues and get any unexpected news Lecturers love to spring up on students.

2) “Blog Planner”


Now I put this in quotes because no one is asking you to have something labeled as a blog planner. I once mentioned on Instagram(@khairahscorner) about how my pink diary is my “blog planner”.

Basically, a blog planner is somewhere you can easily pen your thoughts/goals for your blog. It could be a notebook, diary, some jotter or even your phone(although I’m of the opinion that actually writing things down is actually better). So just have a “blog planner” or a blog planner(like CassieDaves Blog Planner) if you can afford one😁.

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3) Wristwatch/Hand Accessories

If you are like me and you always have to rush out for your 7am class, then it’s probably best you keep your watch, and other shenanigans we girls wear on our wrists, in your bag.

4) Stationery

Huh, how else do you expect to be a student AND a blogger if you don’t have these?

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5) Snacks

Oh this should have been number one but I don’t wanna appear as a food freak. Seriously though, days when you have a crazy class schedule, you should keep your mouth busy so you can keep your stomach happy😊😊.

6) Extra Hijab Pins

This one is for my hijabi sisters. Those tiny little suckers called pins always find a way to disappear, so you best have that extra in your bag.

7) Power Bank

As a Nigerian, you definitely know this would make the list😂. Mine is currently a Frankenstein, so if you are willing to change that, all you have to do is let me know.

8) Earpiece

99% of lecturers I’ve met get disrespected by the sight of you wearing earplugs in their classes(which I personally also consider very rude). So I’m putting this on the list ONLY because we all have breaks between lectures and instead of chatting the day away, you could plug your ears and listen to some Quranic recitations(one of my goals for next session) or simply just listen to something productive.

9) Fragrance

Now, I know all about the female believer in relation to the concept of fragrances(Allah(SWT) knows best) but I just love the smell of nice fragrances plus the cute scribbling on the bottles. I currently use what I call the “Beautiful” collection. The picture says it all🤗.

10) Lipstain/Lipbalm

Because these are the only makeup I currently wear as a student(I even make sure the lipstain is hard to see). Again, it all boils down to getting ready in time for a 7am class. Although you might have the luxury of time, it wouldn’t hurt to have it in your bag, yeah?(I actually don’t carry mine around).

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So that’s it!!! Do you think my list is correct?? What do you currently have in your bag? What do you think I should add to mine?

Let me know in the comments below!!

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