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What is World Hijab Day + My Hijab Story

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Every day is Hijab day for me. But today is World Hijab Day and hence a good opportunity to write my hijab story. Of all the Islamically unknown holidays we celebrate, this is one I find relatable. But first , what is World Hijab Day?


I wrote an article about Muslim Identity here.


It’s a movement celebrated on February 1st of every year since 2013 and it’s supposed to “encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab“. This year’s motto is “Breaking Stereotypes, Shattering Boundaries”.

However, to me, the purpose can be controversial. So I just choose to define it as “encouraging Muslim women who find it hard to observe the hijab, to try it and understand the purpose”.

The HIJAB, according to the Quran (24:30-31, 33:53, 33:59, etc) and Hadiths, is not only about covering your hair, neck, bosoms. It doesn’t even apply only to women, however, that’s not the subject of discussion.  Although majority of we Muslim women do not observe the Hijab the correct way, there is comfort in knowing we are all works in progress.

DISCLAIMER: For the sake of this post, hijab means the covering of your head and/or your neck and/or your chest. I don’t mean to imply in any way that those are the complete definitions of the hijab.

Here’s an article every male muslim needs to read.



The hijab has been a part of me since I was 8 years old. All praises to Allah SWT for giving me parents who made sure we were put in schools that supported our religion. I went to a Muslim-owned-but-mixed-religion secondary school, so basically I grew up with the hijab. I believe that’s why it was so easy for me because I was able to understand and relate more with it.


Lots of hijab inspo for you on Pinterest!

It always felt like my protection. But there has always been discrimination and attacks against Muslim women and it seems to be on the rise. Maybe, just maybe that’s what keeps pressuring our influencers to try to “blend in” or “be neutral”, Allah knows best.


I don’t dispute the fact that a lot of muslim women struggle with the hijab, many even forced to wear it. However, if one truly understood how Allah SWT loves and protects each and every one of us, there really shouldn’t be something called force in the subject. In the end, Allah SWT has laid out the choices for us and included implications of every single choice we make. Now you see why having too much to choose from can be problematic, lol.

Anyways, this post was all about acknowledging my shortcomings and embracing my identity once again.

I’m Khairah Bint Yusuff, an African Muslim Girl and my hijab doesn’t oppress me, rather it makes me who I am.



Written With Love,



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