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2019 Eid Outfits Ideas: Wardrobe Staples and Colors

Eid outfits are usually assumed to be grand, mind-blowing and new.


However, you don’t always have to purchase something new especially when you cannot afford it. This shouldn’t stop you from looking like a million bucks on Eid and the secret to that is to


A lot of sisters still don’t have their Eid outfits planned yet and this was what spurred this blogpost. I decided to create an Eid Edit featuring a couple of looks from content creators with different styles. We worked with the basic staples we already had in our wardrobes and created different looks. These looks vary in concept and provides a lot of room for recreation according to your preferences.

We worked with pairing solid colors, from warm tones to sharp contrasting colors and I hope you’d get some ideas by the end of this post.

You can also check out the looks I curated for Eid last year.

Check out the post here!

1. Browns and Neutrals


I’m starting to really love my browns especially the honey, rust and wood variations. Brown shades with colorful tints (like the rust) go really well with white. You can either dull down a dress like these with nude colors or lighten it up with white shades. I struck a balance between the two by pairing with crystal white and accessorizing with black.



Summary: Pick a nice dress in a bright shade of brown and pair it with white or black and you’re good to go.

2. Silks and Contrasts


Silk skirts and blouses are trendy this season because they are light weight. It’s honestly one of the best materials for the hot weather and wearing silks/satins is always a good choice. Go with contrasting tones to avoid looking too bland in one texture. Matching your silks and/with satins and chiffon gives a difference in texture to your look but do not take it too far. The goal is to look coordinated while wearing similar color tones with different textures or contrasting colors with same texture.



Summary: Wear your silks and satins and colors with pride. Bold colors further brings out the beauty of the look.

3. Bright Tones and Pastels


Pastels are light, “fady” variations of cool colors and absolutely lovely to pair up. If you’re not one to mix up pastels, you can switch things up and pair with bright colors. They can either be sharp contrasts like I styled or you can choose sharp colors which are closely-related to your pastel color.



Summary: Choose a pastel color and spice it up with sharp tones.

4. Pastels and Maxis

Wearing several shades of pastels gives a really coordinated look that blends seamlessly into one another. Pastels come in colors of purple, pink, blue, etc. Maxi dresses and skirts are one of the best ways to coordinate your pastels and give you an elegant look effortlessly.


Summary: Pick up your maxi skirts/dresses in pastel tones and work them all together.


Me: @khairahscorner

Mariam: @mariamablac

Tawakalt: @lamah_kalt

I hope you all have a joyous Eid. Don’t forget to pretty yourselves up with beautiful henna. Here’s an inspo of some flattering designs by @debliss_henna



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    1. Yeah, it posted late. However, I had to still post it because we still have Eid-ul-Kabir and it’s never too late to start looking at colors. Plus these are colors and outfits you can wear on other occasions too, you just have to customize it to the occasion. Thanks for reading!

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