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How I Launched KhayY Clothing’s Online Shop + Giveaway!

The joy of having one’s hard work and efforts payoff is really priceless and that was how I felt about KhayY Clothing’s website launch. It’s been months of small leaps put together along with huge support from friends and I’m so excited it is finally live at


Now you might be wondering if it’s not just a website “anyone” can build. I’d love to proudly burst your bubble and inform you that the “website” is in fact a vuejs app and EVERY functionality involved was custom built.

As you all know from my Intern Diaries posts, I was on a 6-month internship at a software development company, Crenet TechLabs Limited. It was my big era of discovery. I got to learn a lot in Front-End design and development and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity to have worked with them.


You can catch up on my Intern Diaries Here!!

You can also check out the dope website of Crenet Techlabs HERE.



The project started out as a “practice project”. I was learning vue.js (a JavaScript front-end development framework) and I wanted hands-on practice after going through the course. I found this idea online and decided to practice it. A deeper look into it and I realized this could be more than just a practice-project. It could solve my problem of not always being available for my customers to make inquiries or to filter out serious and interested buyers only. I suddenly had a huge yearning to solve that problem with the technology I learnt and it kept me going.



There were a lot of frustrating days. I kept writing codes that could work today and be useless on moving on to more complex features. I had a lot of deletions of logic, multiple days of brainstorming and long hours on Google looking through Stack Overflow and other sites to solve my errors and problems. “coder’s block” even became a thing to me (kinda like writer’s block). However, I kept pushing because I had to be accountable for the announcement I made. That served as a major reminder to persevere and it paid off.


Technology is all around you, it’s about building something that benefits at least ONE person in a particular area, it’s about solving real-world problems and making the world a better place, one code at a time, lol. I really hope to keep this zeal and work in this field for as long as I can.

I’ve always mentioned trying to figure my life out. Have I still figured it out? Hell nah. Do I have one more defined path? Yes, I carved that out during my internship. And that’s what brings me to this announcement below!


BUT FIRST, CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE and you’d definitely find something to purchase. You can also have a look around, give your feedbacks AND SHARE with your friends.



I’m also happy to inform you I now offer professional services in tech. You don’t have to need a custom app like my online shop, I  offer full service packages on developing your self-hosted blogs. This one is FOR ALL MY BLOGGERS out there.


Have you been wanting to move from your free blog to a custom domain but you cannot afford WordPress Premium and Business plans (those are the only really useful WordPress plans for bloggers)??

I can be your DESIGN/DEVELOPER GIRL. Here’s a list of what I can do for you:

  1. Take care of all technicalities from domain and hosting service purchase to configuring your cPanel.
  2. Source for a theme based on preference (I have a questionnaire to help gather these information), customize/recode it into unique ones and
  3. A long list of other features.

This is only applicable to SERIOUS CLIENTS .

I also offer the service of Creating unique themes from free WordPress themes as a STAND-ALONE SERVICE.






In the spirit of Ramadan and collaboration with @fhk_veils, I’m giving out TWO of their scarves and TWO strongly-scented perfumes from me to ONE lucky person to share with his/her friend or own it all.

This giveaway is only for people who like OR have friends who like strongly-scented perfumes as I wouldn’t want these precious gifts to go to waste.

Giveaway is also open to South-West states only. All delivery charges are on me.

The rules are as follows:

Winner will be chosen based on rules compliance and sincerity of comments and announced on the 19th of Ramadan (24th May, 2019). GOOD LUCK!!

I’ll be organizing one more giveaway this Ramadan In Shaa Allah so don’t forget to share my blog with friends!! I hope you enjoyed/got motivated by this struggle story of mine, lol.


With Love,


<p>Hi, I'm Khairah, a Frontend Engineer & Content Creator of all things Modest Fashion, Lifestyle and Skincare. Visit my blog at</p>

21 thoughts on “How I Launched KhayY Clothing’s Online Shop + Giveaway!

  1. I have been following your page and I blog for quite a while now and I’m amazed at the contents and how you are able to get people engaged. Your consistency inspires me to do more. Thank you for the muslimah life saving tips ranging from how to style a monochrome dress to how style a two piece. I appreciate everything.

  2. Heeeee
    Ma Sha Allah.
    Alhamdulillah, I’m really excited of where you are now. May Allah continue to bless you dear. This post came in right about time. It’s probably time I also have a custom blog.

    1. Amin, Jazakillahu khayran sis. And yess oo, come and patronise my tech services. It’s super affordable compared to the services I’d be rendering for you.

  3. Hmm, actually you someone I am happy I followed your page because you have a lot of inspiring posts. You amaze me, keep up the good work Khairah. As for this blog post all I can say is maashallah. I pray Allah continue to strengthen you and provide you with more knowledge and understanding.

  4. Alhamdulillah and barakallah fih on your website….. it’s such a great work!!!sincerely speaking,this is not even sugar-coating and I’ve been envious of you…. Your contents are super great!!♥the way you take time to analyse things and make them simpler are superb …
    I’ve seriously learnt a lot from following:through clothing,flatlays,hijab styling and lots more…. May Allah make you bigger sis♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  5. More grease to your elbow dear. You’re really doing great. May Allah bless it abundantly. Cheers to more customers

  6. Assalaam ‘alaykum warahmatuLLAAH wabarakaatuh sis, that front end part got me and I can’t wait to finish my internship too. Coding is really out of my comfort zone and your write up has boosted my confidence JazakiLLAAHU Khayran for that. Hoping to hear more of your web designing story. Lots of love!

    1. Walaykum salaam sis. I’d definitely write more of my experiences and struggles, lol aand I’d love to read your internship stories too. Amin wa iyyak dearie, thanks for sharing.

  7. Assalaam ‘alaykum warahmatuLLAAH wabarakaatuh sis. That front end part got me and I can’t wait to finish my internship too so that I can get to write about it in order to inspire more people. Thanks for the inspiration. Front end is out of my comfort zone and I wont say it’s easy neither is it too hard to master. All in all, jazakiLLAAHU khayran sister. Lots of love, RAMADAN KAREEM.

  8. Walaykum salaam sis. The fact that I’m just seeing this makes me so sad. I’m still trying to work around the comments moderation and why I don’t get proper notifications. Regardless, Jazakumullahu khayran

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