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Wardrobe Wishlist : Five Fashion Items To Drool Over

Today, I’m sharing all the fashion items that I’m been fawning over! As I’ve always mentioned, I’m not what you can call a ‘trend’ person but I’m definitely into all these fashion items. I’ve been talking about them for quite a while now, so it’s only right that I do a proper post for them.

fashion items

Here are some of my favorite pieces and why they appeal to ME so much:

1) Woven Bags

Woven bag Fashion item

This one is definitely something y’all have come across one way or the other. So what’s so special about these bags and why all the hype??

Well, in my opinion, Apart from the fact that it looks so cute and cozy, this accessory fits all occasions. From enjoying a casual day at the beach, to running a casual errand, to styling up a cute floral dress for that summer vibe, to a normal day out with friends, I’d rock this anytime anyday🖤.

Cozy woven bag with iphone

This is one item to add to your list.



2) Denim Skirts

fashion item denim skirt

Until Recently, when I heard the words ‘Denim Skirt’, I imagined some heavy fabric weird looking cloth but Leila Khalil changed my overall view, Read about how she did so here. Lightweight denim skirt is EVERYTHING!! Coupled with the fact that it’s an high-low skirt makes it really fashion-statement-worthy.

I personally would get one that covers more legs at the front and style it up with sneakers😀 but you can wear yours with stockings or thigh-high heeled boots just to cover more skin.

This skirt would be a major recommend for a glam outfit🖤.

3) Ankle Boots

fashion item ankle boots

I need not say much about this because you all(well, most of you dear readers) already know of my incessant drooling over these BUT since I haven’t yet quenched my thirst for one, it’s definitely staying on the list!!

If you don’t understand why I want them so bad, here’s a little reason why:




4) Statement Crop-Tops

fashion item crop tops

I’ve always been a fan of statement clothing and these crops are simply giving me life. Now, apart from the fact that they go with literally ANYTHING, who wouldn’t want their clothes to do the talking🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️??

I’d pair these with a bodytop or an OPEN shirt(because the words needs to make a statement!!) and a straight skirt OR a circle skirt(Gonna try out the look sometime soon🙊).

So Major YAAYY to this!!

5) Premium Quality Scarves

Back in the days, although I knew the hijab was an integral part of my identity, I bought cheap instead of durable and affordable . But the day I decided to close my eyes and purchase two scarves worth #5000 from Shatouu, my hijab game changed!!

It’s so important to not be miser with what you wear as YOUR symbol. Drop those #200, #400 scarves that become horrid after a few weeks and change your hijab game ladies!!!

NOW, the new Habiba Da Silva scarves are sooo eye-catchy and I wonder if I’ll ever be able to get one😫.

I’m also currently awaiting my PR package from Hidden Pearls but shipping won’t let me be great and receive my gift😭😭( Fingers crossed though, because I don’t want those gorgeous hijabs lost😫😫).

However, here are the links to other brands that I’ve tried and can recommend:

KhayY Clothing, of course😀


Veil Identity

Binta Badmus Scarves

Raana Essentials


Pretty long but make sure you read it to this point!! What do you think of my list?? What are the items on YOUR list???

Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget to show me love by sharing with other friends.

With Love🖤,

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4 thoughts on “Wardrobe Wishlist : Five Fashion Items To Drool Over

  1. I fell in love with the woven bags cause of the pictures @thisthingcalledfashion put up on Instagram and I can’t wait to get mine. I’d say the denim skirts are a definite must have, the funny thing is I actual just started wearing the denim skirts I had had in my wardrobe for a long time when denims started trending again!
    I think my list is just like yours but I’d also add the trending sunglasses that are being worn rn. ♥️

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