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Winter Essentials with NoraCora

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It’s that time of the year for fuzzy and warm clothing!

Winter can be cold and depressing and brutal(it’s my first time!), so it’s important to ensure one stays warm and protected from the harsh weather. There are several ways to do that but wearing the appropriate clothing plays a major part. From fuzzy jackets, teddy coats to wool and fleece-lined sweaters, filling your wardrobe with these essentials will help you get through winter.


In this post, I’ll be sharing some of the pieces I got from a brand called Noracora. I’ll also share my thoughts on the outfits, the quality, where to get them, and some other recommendations.

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They are an online shopping platform for fashion items and carry a range of clothing, shoes and accessories.

One of their reps reached out to me via email and although I was a bit skeptical about the quality, I decided to check them out. They sent me the two items I handpicked and both turned out to be of good quality!

For reference, I am 168cm and I typically wear a UK size 8/US size 4.

1) Casual Daily Loose Long Sleeve Plush Teddy Coat – E51OTE962A3E

As seen on website:


Seen on me: Coffee, size S(4-6)

noracora-Casual-Loose- Sleeve-Plush-Teddy-Coat-winter-essentials-khairahscorner-review   winter-essentials-noracora-plush-Teddy-Coat-with-zipper-winter-essentials-khairahscorner-review

winter-essentials-fleece-lined-coats-khairahscorner   khairahscorner-winter-essentials-fashion-noracora-Casual-Loose- Sleeve-Plush-Teddy-Coat

Just as I mentioned earlier, one of my concerns was the product quality but I was completely impressed! The jacket felt warm and the quality was really good! Seriously, I was NOT expecting it to be that good😂.

I have already worn it out once and it lept me warm in the cold. Although I haven’t washed it yet, it should probably not stain or colour-transfer.

Shop here

It was “shedding” a bit on my inner wear, but I think that’s just due to first-time wear. I would also have preferred a longer length but that’s just a minor detail. You can go for a larger size for a more loose fit and to wear more layers beneath it.

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2) Casual Long Sleeve Hoodie Printed Tunic Top – E51OTE962A3E

As seen on website:


Seen on me: Gray, size S(4-6)

noracora-winter-essentials-casual-fleece-pyjamas-tunic-khairahscorner-style   printed-casual-fleece-pyjamas-winter-essentials-tunic-noracora-khairahscorner-review

This also turned out really nice! Compared to the first one, it had a softer/lighter feel, longer length with good coverage, and didn’t “shed”. I have worn it several times and it was really warm (my room was also warm though).

Shop here

It’s also hooded and has a loose fit, making it all the more perfect for cozying up indoors.

3) Other Winter Recommendations

Based on the quality of the ones I got (and some store reviews), I would totally recommend trying these ones as well.

Click on the images to check them out.

a) Plain Loose Casual Teddy Jacket – E51CTE9K1A47


b) Casual Daily Plush Fleece Long Sleeve Teddy Coat – E51TTE8UFCE0

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c) Buttoned Vintage Wool Blend Trench coat – E5AOUASD4B9

d) Causal Daily Woolen Cloth Fleece Long Sleeve Coat – E5BTE97006A

e) Patchwork Zipper Long Sleeve Hooded Cotton-Blend Hoodie – E5XOU8D64E2


More teddy coats here!


Sizing: Each product page has a size chart for reference and it also includes laundry tips.

Discounts: A 15% OFF coupon is available for new customers.

Shipping: They offer international standard shipping to quite a number of countries and your order gets delivered in about 9-16 business days (more details here). I received mine in 15 days but there might have ben some delays from RoyalMail so you may get it earlier.

Payment Method: They offer several payment methods: credit/debit card, PayPal, ApplePay, AfterPay, and Klarna; some of these methods allow you to pay in instalments depending on your shipping country. You can check them out here. Personally, I’d advise using Paypal but the different available options make the transaction seem more trustworthy.

Returns: They also accept order cancellations and returns; you can check out the full details here.

For more questions, check out their FAQs.



Final Thoughts

You might want to try checking them out. I know they may give off some Aliexpress vibes but without the global reputation but they actually offer some pretty decent products!

They also offer international shipping with a decent delivery time, return policies and you can make orders using different payment options.

Thank you for reading and I hope this post gave you some ideas on some winter essentials and what to get from the brand! Let me know which was/were your favourite(s) in the comments.

Till Next Time,

With Love,



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