Saturday, September 18, 2021
"The Curated K-Beauty List" series Skincare

NEW Korean Cleansers for 2021: Curated K-Beauty List #1

Ever thought of reading a series that highlights all new releases of Korean skincare (cleansers, sunscreens, etc)? Well, I’m starting one! This series aims to showcase tons of NEW Korean (Asian!) skincare products released through the year, through curated lists, along with their prices and where to shop them. Most of the products are found […]

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Reviews Skincare

COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser FULL REVIEW

Cleansing is one of the basic and important steps in every skincare routine and this COSRX low pH cleanser does more than its fair share of keeping your skin properly cleansed. I’ve featured it in a YouTube review video as well as an Instagram review. Still, it definitely also deserves a detailed blogpost review for […]

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3 Content Creator Advice To Take With a Grain of Salt

There are a lot of content creators nowadays and 2020 brought out even more creative spirits! Everyone wanted to explore their creativity and there were tons of advice from content creators to help navigate the space. However, one shouldn’t just follow “advice” from every Tom, Dick and Harry. This post highlights the top 3 ‘content […]

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Fashion Reviews

Pastel Colors To Try This Summer – AliExpress Scarf Haul

It’s SUMMER in most parts of the world🌞; a perfect time to share pastel colors great for summer! This post features scarves of different pastel colors that’d look absolutely great on Black women. I’ve NEVER tried these colors before but they really accentuated my skin tone and I think it’d look great on other Black […]

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