Thursday, June 01, 2023
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KhayY Clothing’ Scarf Review: My Favorite Picks

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Recently, I shared some of my favorite wardrobe items here and I included a little story on how I got obsessed with good quality scarves.

So I (or rather my brand) recently relaunched one of most demanded collection (The Ethereal Collection) and while I’m so in love with all the colours, here are some of the colours I added to my scarf wardrobe and why they appeal to me so much.

NOTE: All others are just as wonderful but because I cannot add them ALL to my wardrobe (hello, I don’t wanna go bankrupt), that’s why I’m only selecting these pieces👇.


Apart from the fact that IT IS BLACK, I really just love the feel and overall look of the scarf fabric(it’s the same wonderful feeling for all of them). The pearl arrangement is simply appealing and I have my sister-turned-employee to thank for it🖤.


I call this my name because it was only available in one piece and I absolutely ABSOLUTELY love the colour!! It really brings out the colour of one’s skin and simply makes you glow, especially in the sun. It’s like Magic!!


This is one of my favorite scarves of all time. Like all ethereal scarves, it was named after a special person and I just had to grab another piece in this relaunch. The relaunched SAIM was a deeper peppery red and just simply captured my heart🖤.


I haven’t worn this piece yet but the fact that it was named NOOR which means “light”, should tell you just how much I love this piece. The colour, the pearl design, everything was just exactly as I pictured it.

This is not a promotion for my brand( but it kinda is ), this was inspired by customers’ feedbacks and the joy of knowing they felt exactly the same way I felt.

The above pieces are currently sold out EXCEPT FOR NOOR which is still available. Also, all other available colours could be checked out on the Instagram page by clicking here .

You will absolutely love them just as much as I do!!

What do you think of my picks? Have you ever visited my brand’s page? What are your thoughts?

Let me know in the comments below!!

Till Next Time,

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