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Blogger Crushes – Nigerian Bloggers I follow and Why

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and from my view, there are a lot of Nigerian bloggers out there, both the popular ones and others still trying to come into the know(like moi🙂) and they are all doing amazing things.

Now, please note I’m not trying to kiss ass🙄 but sometimes you just gotta appreciate people to let them know they are having some impact out there.

SOO, without further ado, here’s my list in no particular order :

NOTE: Click to view their profiles on Instagram.

1. Dimplekhadi Fashion BloggerDimplekhadi

This Recently Wed Medical doctor has been at it for long. She managed to become a medical doctor while keeping in touch with her fashion. Her ability to try out bright colors and pair them up(even in patterns) is what makes her pop. May Allah(SWT) bless your union, Sending love your way sis🖤🖤


2. Officialhaddiee Fashion BloggerOfficialhaddiee

Known for her motivational quotes she captions her pictures with, Founder(I think) of Khayyira Models is someone to watch out for(even if its just for the quotes and clothes , lol)Officialhaddiee

3. Muslimahanie Visual ArtistMuslimahanie

Visual Artist and Founder of Hijarbie, Haneefah is really the one content creator you should follow. Coupled with her storytelling skills, she is the definition of a true artist and even her ogi bowls can testify to it. Lol😂


4. Thisthingcalledfashionn Fashion BloggerThisthingcalledfashionn

I stumbled upon her feed about two or three months ago and she has never ceased to impress me. Her content exudes the hard work she puts into creating them(I love the filter), even her blog isn’t exempted from this. She seems to be a really friendly person and her instaStory is never blank😀.


5. Cassiedaves Fashion and Lifestyle BloggerCassiedaves

Another blogger I recently just stumbled upon(because she was having a giveaway😊), Creator of Cassiedaves Blog planner and medical doctor Cassie is another person I don’t regret following(plus i love her glasses and her cute outfits 😍)


6. Itsmaryamsalam Fashion BloggerItsmaryamsalam

Although not based in Nigeria, Maryam never falters in her ability to combine style posts with several helpful business/blogging tips). The founder of The Blogger point(platform for all bloggers) is really putting her education in these areas to good use.

NOW, this list ain’t complete without Leila Khalil and Yakubu Shiella.

Although I know Shiella isn’t Nigerian, her superpower of shopping major thrift pieces and styling them up is simply envious.

Yakubu Shiella

Leila on the other hand, literally has the most colour coordinated feed of all. Apart from her being a really accommodating and awesome lady, She’s unique in that not one of her pictures show her face.

Leila khalil

There are so many more but the list just wouldn’t end so I gotta end here. Make sure you check them out, they are worth it!!Who are your favorite bloggers(I hope I’m one of them🤗🤗 )? What are the major reasons for following them? Let’s get talking in the comments!!



Hi, I'm Airah, a Frontend Engineer & Content Creator of all things Modest Fashion, Lifestyle and Skincare. Visit my blog at
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