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Flatlays for Beginners: How I Made My First Flatlay

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Flatlay for Beginners? This is the post to read!! But first, have a look at my very first flatlay:

Flatlay made for @khayyclothingAs you most likely already know, I’m a huge lover of flatlays and I’ve been wanting to become a pro at them too. However, since I’m still stuck at flatlay beginner level, I’m going to be sharing my tiny process with you and then you can judge my skills in the comments. Here’s a picture of the “final final final” outcome(because first trial mostly never is the final). This position felt just right and it has been edited⬇️

  • Shoes: Steve Madden
  • Glamour Magazine: Thrift
  • Pearled Scarf: “SAIM” of Ethereal Collection from KhayY Clothing.

Before it was edited, this was the outcome taken on a phone ⬇️


• Get a plain background.

Any colour is good so long as you can work around it but white is more versatile in my opinion though;

Have a particular concept you are aiming to portray.

Here, I was trying to capture the beauty of red and seeing as I recently got quite a number of red things, the idea just made sense;

Play around with the items.

Now this is the tricky part because you really have to be in touch with your “sixth sense”(if that’s how they say it) and know the right position that resonates with you. DO NOT WAIT TILL IT IS PERFECT BEFORE YOU TAKE A PICTURE. Try different positions and capture them. Your best trial just might be the position you thought wasn’t good enough. Here are a few of my trials(all edited):

All Things Red It was a really fun process and if you follow me on Instagram, you’d know I’m obsessed about camera focus so i played around a little too

All Things RedAll Things RedAll Things RedSo Guys, How was all my trials??? What advice would you give me in order to improve? Kindly Rate my flatlay skills in the comments below⬇️.Was this mini tutorial somewhat helpful? Comment below on your opinion of it. Tag and feel free to share with your friends too.


Hi, I'm Airah, a Frontend Engineer & Content Creator of all things Modest Fashion, Lifestyle and Skincare. Visit my blog at
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