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Blogger Feature Series : Meet My Denim Heaven

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Thought I was done with this series?? Far from it! This month, I bring to you Chiezugo Kene who owns a fashion blog which focuses on infusing denim into every aspect of lifestyle. If you are a lover of a particular trend or clothing and are unsure about starting a blog about it, Chiezugo is one person to inspire you to stick to what you want.

Now, I wanted to clear a few loopholes about this series. My blog is focused on modest fashion and generally lifestyle, however this series is meant to bring to you, many bloggers that you might have not heard of before but whom their style will resonate with a general audience. So you can think of this series as a deviation from my personal opinions and a way of catering to an all-inclusive audience.

1) We would love to meet you! Tell us a few things about yourself 

My name is Obii-Okpala Chiezugo Kenechukwu. I’m a pharmacist, a fashion(denim) and lifestyle blogger, an On Air personality and a theatre artist, a handful I know. I like to think of myself as a master of any trade I’m emotionally, mentally and physically invested in. I’d also love to mention that I’m more of an introvert than an extrovert and this is not because of poverty.

2) Tell us about your blog and your blog niche

Denim heaven is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog. It’s like my personal fashion diary but this time, narrowed to denim. Denim is more than a fabric for me, it’s an attitude, it has a different vibe.

3) What inspired you to start a blog and how much time do you dedicate to blogging?

I’ve always wanted to express my feelings, style and what goes on around me through words. I remember sitting in my room the night I started style lately.

4)Mention some of your favorite bloggers and what made them stand out to you.

Ifeoma Amadi of Draped in basics because her creativity stood out in all style confusion around. When I came across her page, I remember the feeling I had. It was like a breath of fresh air. She took the most basic pieces and transformed it in unimaginable ways possible.

Cassie Daves is also a personality that I relate to. Her style is similar to most of the fashion bloggers I’ve met but I think our spirits connect in an unthinkable way. You know when you’ve never met someone but it always feels like it would be so cool and less awkward when you do meet them because their instastories, captions on instagram and tweets is so relatable.

Amaka of Mind of Amaka: I love her because she writes so well and her flatlays is the best I’ve come across. I love that she’s diversified and grown such a lovable fan base that’s aside the regular fashion blogging.

You see what I mean when I told you Amaka was a really cool person!!

5) What can we find you doing when you are not blogging?

I spend time on twitter a lot which is fast becoming a bad habit.

I also visualize/daydream a lot about when and where I’d be living the baby girl lifestyle.

6)Anything else you’d like to add?? A quote or a tip for the readers??

I’d like to add an unpopular opinion about fashion blogging which is open for debate and more scrutiny. I honestly think fashion blogging is expensive. I know fashion bloggers downplay this a lot. They’d make you believe that it’s all about wearing thrift items and styling them creatively, but more than that, they don’t tell you how much they put into releasing crisp photographs, data and promotion. They’re not open about shopping with local and international brands that help you push for collaborations. They make you feel it’s all inexpensive  till you start which is why i think every new fashion blogger should be aware of this before becoming a fashion blogger.

Love her sense of style?? REACH CHIEZUGO VIA:


INSTAGRAM: @_mydenimheaven ;

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Let me know in the comments below!!

With Love, 🖤


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