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Five Ways To Wear Straight & Bodycon Skirts

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I’ve decided to welcome you to the second half of the year with ways you can wear straight skirts!! This year has been filled with a lot of growth and experiences and I hope your year is turning out well despite all hurdles.

Ever wanted to express your style and be comfortable? I did too and my life really got easier with casual outfits, so I’ll be sharing the several ways I styled my straight skirts these past few months.

Read up on how I gave my wardrobe a bit of a makeover here.

1) Loose Shirts

Highlight the word “loose”

Lately, I’ve discovered how all my fears of something being “off” with my dressing at the rear, could easily be solved with loose or baggy shirts.

A lot of clothes in white have found their way into my wardrobe and I am totally loving it.

2) Camisole with a Jacket

This was a really good look for me and also one of the outfits I’ve put together under 5 minutes. My plan was to go completely casual and just wear a pair of slippers but my boots spoke to me and the overall look completely transformed from “Crazy Girl Casual” to “Up-town Chic Casual”.

In other words, this is living proof that your shoes really can change your life.

3) Sweaters

Sweaters or sweatshirts, can basically give you the look I was aiming for, which is a loosely snug upper section. I had been looking for how to wear the sweater without melting in the hot sun, a cold morning was the only sign I needed to wear it.

It’s not my kind of sleeves( I prefer full sleeves anytime) but it was too cute to pass over.

4) Kimonos/Open Abayahs

I totally think they are simply names to the same outfit, except a kimono could be of short or medium length. Anyways, outfits paired with open abayahs are the best, they look so exquisite and really transform your outfit from CALM to GLAM.

This is my best photo shoot yet and I have awesome pictures to show it.

5) The Customary Way

This shouldn’t even be on the list because I barely make use of it nowadays but it’s another way to wear your straight skirts with ease. It’s the good ol’ bodytop paired alongside jackets with rolled-up sleeves or the bodytop worn as an inner over a short-sleeved loose blouse. I’m “over” this look but I still wear it once in a while. You should try it out too

Was this post helpful?? Which of these ways would you try??

Let me know in the comments below!

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