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How to Support Your Favourite Blogs

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There might be a lot of blogs out there but as a reader, you’d have a list of blogs that are your favourite ones to visit. This may be because of the blogs’ attention-catching posts, consistent and regular publishing of new content or several other factors that appeal to you.

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There are several ways you can show appreciation and support these blogs:

1. Interact

Comments are one of the best ways to support blogs. If you truly enjoy the blogs, make sure to leave comments on posts, even if it only contains emojis! You can also:

– follow them on other social media platforms,

– send random appreciation messages,

– subscribe to their mailing lists to keep in touch and

– regularly visit the blogs for new content.

2. Share the posts EVERYWHERE

This is the most effective way of getting other people to read your favorite blogs. You should share posts from these blogs regularly and what keeps you interested in them. Send your friends recommendations of articles to read from the blogs.

I recently published a post on my DIY guide on How to design and develop your self-hosted blog/website all on your own. Reading and sharing my posts provides a lot of support for me.

3. Re-share your favorite posts

A lot of things make bloggers happy; one of them is sharing and re-sharing their old posts. It gives them an idea of the kind of content that resonates best with their audience. Re-sharing your favorite posts from blogs and tagging the bloggers can also motivate them into improving those posts for future blog visitors.

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4. Click on their links

A lot of research usually go into publishing genuine content and this includes sourcing for relatable articles to provide readers with more information. You can support blog by checking out links highlighted in their blogposts.

You can also make use of their referral and affiliate links. Most of these links either provides a small source of blog income or statistics to support collaboration proposals.

I have an affiliate link for you if you need a reliable hosting platform to buy and host your blog/website.

5. Share their Services

Most blogs are open to sponsored posts, paid guest posts, ads and several other services. If your favorite blogs offer any of these services, you can show your support by sharing on your social media. This could lead to potential brands and businesses reaching out to the blogs for their services.

I offer a wide range of blog services newly tailored for bloggers, brands & businesses. You can check them out in my service list .

6. Leave Testimonials

Sharing stories of what you love about your favorite blogs is another way to actively support them. The testimonials can prompt new users to visit the blog and benefit from their resources. It helps to prove the impact these blogs have on their users and can be used to bag paid opportunities with brands. It also helps to build a solid and reliable reputation for the blogs.

If you’re a blogger and would like to guest post on my blog, you can reach out to me via email or Instagram DM.

There are other ways to support blogs but if you make use of the above tips, you’re offering immense support to blog owners and they’d be extremely grateful.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post useful. Don’t forget to use these tips for my blog too!



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