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3 Blogs with Resources That’ll Increase Your Love for Blogging

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Do you ever get creative blocks and just wish for resources to help you reignite your love for blogging? Trust me, I do too.

It’s no secret that blogging can have its “woes”. It can sometimes get really frustrating to the point of abandonment. However, discovering blogs that share extremely helpful blogging resources can remind you why you blog and how much you love it.

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There are a lot of resources out there and so it’s important to find blogs that are consistent with providing premium content to benefit from.

I’ve been reading these three blogs regularly on my WordPress reader and I’ve gained quite a lot of insights. They’ve also spiked my interest in writing more posts related to my blogging journey.

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1. The Art of Blogging

As the name implies, this blog shares all the blogging resources and motivation you could possibly ever need. Christian balances sharing realistic truths about blogging with just the right amount of inspiration to push you forward and get you “punching your damn keys”.
He emphasizes on the need to constantly write; whether a few words a day or thousands. There are so many gems in his posts that’ll make you remember how you truly feel about blogging.

Some of my favourite posts:

If You’re struggling with your blog, this is your wakeup call

How To Blog everyday without burning out

The biggest mistake a beginner blogger can make

2. New Lune

I’ve been following this blog for about 4 months now and I’ve gained a lot from her posts. She blogs diversely; from helpful blogging resources to lifestyle content and even sharing regular wallpapers! Her posts are well-written with a proper balance between professionalism and personal touch.
She also emphasizes on the importance of consistently publishing posts, interacting with other bloggers & readers and sharing resources & freebies.

Favorite Posts to Read:

5 Apps You Need to Edit your Instagram Pictures

How to pitch to brands as a blogger + template

How to earn money as an influencer

3. Beauty Blog Siren

Although mainly a beauty blog, I found some really great blogging resources. My favorite was the post on “SEO A-Z for Bloggers”. She used all of the English alphabet to discuss important essentials on SEO and I found it very interesting, well-written and informative. You can also check out her other post on “Easy SEO tips for bloggers“.

Checking out these blogs and consuming as much as you can will surely help renew some of your passion and eventually, you’d be back to doing what you love.

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Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post useful! If you have any blogs you read for inspiration, please leave in the comments below.

Don’t forget to check out these blogs and benefit immensely from their resources!

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