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Reintroducing Khairah’s Corner: How I Built My Self-Hosted WordPress Blog

Hi there! My name is Khairah Yusuff(aka khairahscorner) and I’d like to reintroduce Khairah’s Corner, a lifestyle blog showcasing my modest fashion opinions along with everyday life experiences. It feels really good to finally have a blog without the lengthy ‘’.

blogger of a modest fashion blog

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Now, I’ll be sharing a summary of how I got to set up the blog, challenges and highlight moments.

  • Buying a Domain + Hosting

First of all, premium & business plans are very overrated and overpriced. Although, it’s less stress, I definitely couldn’t afford to spend that much money and still not have enough flexibility. I also couldn’t afford a BlueHost hosting(because of the long term annual billing) and there’s the issue of not being able to pay with your local debit card. Ultimately, I had to go with a Nigerian hosting service. I conducted a thorough research on best and affordable web hosting services and it helped with the final decisions. I knew a local host could somewhat hurt my international viewing but you already know what they say about life and lemons. After long searches, it was obvious Qservers was the best option. They had the most favorable server uptime, good enough domain and hosting prices and most of all, their customer service is awesome.

Looking for a hosting service? Check out Qservers

  • Setting up the Blog

I had issues connecting to my site at first. Apart from that, it was relatively easy to set up, everything is once you have Google. Getting a suitable theme was the real work. After several tries, I finally decided to pick a regular(free) minimalist theme and tweak it as much as the ‘Additional CSS’ option could allow. Importing my contents from wasn’t exactly smooth with respect to getting my images but it all worked out okay.

Being a web developer certainly has its perks since I was able to remove some unwanted features. That didn’t apply to adding features but it still seemed more like my own.

customizing the blog

  • Getting Familiar with SEO and other plugins.

Having access to installing plugins was a major bonus(something you can only have on a Business WordPress plan). SEO helps develop your writing skills and most importantly, your search engine ranking. I also used one to design my Coming-Soon page while I was setting up the actual site.

Those are basically the steps I used in setting up the site. I hope you’ve gained a thing or two and maybe even push someone to also make the self-hosting decision.

Are you managing a self-hosted website? What hosting service do you use and what was your experience like? Let me know in the comments!

<p>Hi, I'm Khairah and I'm a Web Developer, Computer Engineering Undergrad, Scarf Entrepreneur . I blog about all things modest fashion, lifestyle and a bit of tech.</p>

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