Sunday, July 14, 2024
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Get Rich Emotionally Through Entrepreneurship! [Guest Article]

Navigating a self-designed career path in the realm of entrepreneurship provides an unparalleled sense of emotional richness. In this article, Lisa Christiansen of Business Starts unravels the often-overlooked emotional benefits of embarking on an entrepreneurial journey, shedding light on how making decisions, surmounting challenges, and engaging with customers can lead to a life of deeper meaning […]

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Reviewing 23 Sunscreens and Sunsticks I Used in 2023 (so far!)

There have been some amazing sunscreen and sunstick releases in 2023, especially within the Korean skincare space, which basically meant a wider range of sunscreens with NO white cast! I have received and used a number of them this year (both sunscreens and sunsticks), many of which are 2023 releases while others have been on […]

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Current Skincare Routine For Hyperpigmentation + Dark Spots

For the past three months, my skincare routine has been focused mainly on hyperpigmentation and getting rid of acne(pimple) spots. I remember sharing a post on a facial injury and how it left a sizeable dark spot after healing. I also have other acne spots and my TO alpha arbutin serum has not been effective […]

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