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A Roundup of Resources I’ve Found Really Beneficial From Day 1 to 16 – Ramadan Specials

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It’s Day 16 and the start of the second half of Ramadan 2020. I hope you’ve been trying your best to cross off your Ramadan goals despite the pandemic. Little progress is still progress.


For me, I’ve been making use of some resources so far and they’ve been really insightful and beneficial. I’ve gained considerable knowledge about the Deen from them and I wanted to share them with you too.

If you missed it, I shared some tools that could help make the month a fruitful one here. It’s never too late to make a plan and cross off some goals! Read the post here.


Tools to help plan ramadan specials blogpost khairahscorner ramadan reminders


I came across a series on Yaqeen Institute that addressed Aisha RA and the controversies around her age, a ‘sword’ wielded hastily by most when trying to defame the Prophet SAW. It was a collection of several articles addressing different aspects with different POVs. It was very enlightening and I’d recommend a thorough read.

Read it here: More Than Just a Number: Perspectives on the Age of Aisha (RA) 

I also came across Wardah Abass’s thoroughly informative article on Muslim Feminism. She offered rich and thought-provoking perspectives. This is an article that aimed to acknowledge realistic problems in our society and educate whilst also acknowledging the freedom of different perspectives. The icing on the cake were the many references to female researchers and scholars I’d have never found if I hadn’t come across the article. I totally recommend reading it, from a non-defensive stance of course.

Read here: The Mutual Inclusivity of Feminism and Islam


resources for ramadan 2020 allah loves omar suleiman kube publishing blogpost khairahscorner   resources for ramadan 2020 prayers of the pious omar suleiman kube publishing blogpost khairahscorner

Reading Islamic books is one way to gain more knowledge of the Deen and this month is a perfect time to reflect and dwell upon them. I got to read Prayers of The Pious by Omar Suleiman this Ramadan and it was very educative. It not only highlighted Duas and their meanings, it encouraged creating one’s personalized Duas.

I also came across another one of his books on Kube Publishing’s Instagram account named ‘Allah Loves…’. I’d love to read it sometime, it’d be a great book to read and reflect upon.

Revive Your Heart by Nouman Ali Khan was one of my reads from early this year and definitely worth a read.

I’ve also been reading through ebook versions of Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim as they are purportedly the two most authentic hadith collections. You can download them too from the links above if you’d love to have them.


Yaqeen Institute is one gem I discovered this Ramadan. This was after I came across their Ramadan series for this year on Instagram. The videos from their ‘Angels in your Presence’ series are very enlightening and you’d gain knowledge you most likely didn’t have, prior to the series.

You should also check out the ‘Deeds to Habit’ and ‘Quran 30 for 30’ series, all on their Instagram. These series are also available on YouTube.


resources for ramadan 2020 ramadan template lamah_kalt daily checklist blogpost khairahscorner    resources for ramadan 2020 ramadan template lamah_kalt random acts of kindness blogpost khairahscorner

I collaborated with a close friend to create daily reminder and checklist cards for Ramadan and share them on our social media platforms everyday. The reminders included acts of kindness encouraged to be carried out for each day. It was aimed at highlighting little tasks that could be beneficial and rewarding to anyone who tried them and the checklist also helped with daily accountability.

In addition to that, I share daily pages from different Ramadan planners, some of which contain daily Duas, proposed schedules, trackers and other tools to help us through the month.

You can keep in touch with me via Instagram to get the reminders cards for the rest of the month. You can also download the planners here.


I’d like to point this out: Although social media is considered a great distraction and one is advised to greatly cut back, it could also be properly utilized to make the most of the month. I got access to all of these resources whilst online. The most enlightening ones from the Ramadan series on Yaqeen institute were via Instagram!

Cutting back is great but I’d probably have missed out on these resources if not for social media and the internet.

Regardless of that, I hope these resources prove to be useful for you too for the rest of the month. Ramadan Mubarak!

With Love,




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