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A Simple Hack To Wearing Your Skirts Differently

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You can agree we mostly pair our skirts with different kinds of pieces: blouses, shirts, tshirts, sweaters. We also add other layers of clothes if the skirt is not as modest as we’d like. However, have you ever tried to wear a skirt without the traditional upper section?

In this post, I’m sharing one way you can achieve this:

Wear the skirt over a dress!

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This is one hack people may already know of but not enough use! Adding your arsenal of dresses as options for your skirts give you more styling possibilities.

I paired this honey brown wrap skirt with one of my dresses and I simply loved the outcome. Wrap skirts are even easier to work with as you can easily take them off if it gets too hot and uncomfortable (in hotter climates).

wear skirts with dresses wrap skirt dress blogpost khairahscorner burnt orange grey  try wearing skirts with dresses wrap skirt dress blogpost eid outfit 2020 khairahscorner


It’s more suited for weathers that require layering. That gives room to add even more pieces like inners, jackets and coats.

However, for hotter weathers, choose dress pieces that are very lightweight. These will easily substitute as options without having to worry about added layers or extra heat.

Tips to Keep in mind

1. Choose your dress the same way you’d choose a blouse

Consider comfort, color blends, fabric, etc.

2. Choose dresses that are shorter on you

Remember that dress you stopped wearing because it was too short or you didn’t want to pair with stockings/pants? Here’s the perfect way to put them to use! Wear knee-length or midi dresses so your dress doesn’t end up peeping out over your skirt.

3. Choose lightweight pieces if you have to work with sleeveless dresses. However, you do not have to if it’s a weather that’s best for layering.

4. Not all skirts can work.

Don’t go overboard, some of your skirts will not work with dresses. It’s a bad bad idea to wear a maxi dress with bodycon, ribbed skirts or any skirt that already clings to the skin. The fix for that is to pair those skirts with dresses that also cling to the skin.

5. Have fun!

Don’t be afraid to try different looks with your skirts. They may seem to not work but if you try them on, they may actually pair up nicely.

wear skirts with dresses wrap skirt dress blogpost khairahscorner new blogpost

Thanks for reading and I hope the hack proves useful for you! Have you ever tried it? Do you think it’s worth giving a try?

Don’t forget to leave your responses in the comments section!

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