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Exploring Modesty: Bloggers and Brands Influencing my Wardrobe Choices

“Modesty: A timeless representation of self-worth and identity of the soul.”

That was an answer from one of the winners of the 2016 INAYAH #ModestyIs giveaway. It particularly stood out to me because it said all my thoughts in so few words.


Modesty has so many layers and it’s not just about the clothes. It’s in who we are, what we say, what we do, how we relate and interact with humanity, our environment and our Creator. Modesty through my eyes, means striving to be the best version of ourselves, inside out. It’s a lifelong work in progress, a submission, declaration and a conscious continuous choice. There are so many words to describe modesty but they’ll never truly be enough. It’s a whole part of our entire being but this blogpost will be focused on the clothing aspect. what-modesty-is-through-my-eyes-meaning-of-modesty-inayaah-modesty-ramdan giveaway-entry-khairahscorner

My style has evolved so much in the past 4 years and I’ve learnt so much about myself and what really gives me comfort. My wardrobe used to be full of separates (shirts, bodytops and skirts) because it gave me more opportunity for styling. But over the past months, my style has tended towards maxi dresses, abayahs, oversizers + palazzo pants. I’m now inclined towards outfits that are “free”, can be easily restyled and most importantly, give me comfort, confidence as well as contentment. This just further reinforces the fact that your style mainly adjusts to your current state of mind as well as your occupation/working conditions, amongst other factors.

what-modesty-is-through-my-eyes-meaning-of-modesty-inayaah-modesty-ramdan giveaway-khairahscorner

Effortless clothing, with minimal elegance makes me feel free, liberated and empowered. I’m slowly settling into this new comfort zone and I’ll be highlighting different modest brands I draw outfit inspirations from (because I cannot afford to buy their items just yet). I’ll also be highlighting fellow modest bloggers and Instagrammers that inspire me in terms of dressing.

Anyways, I mostly draw inspiration from different bloggers by taking several style snippets and putting it all together to form outfits that truly describe me. I also get ideas from modest brands and I’ve highlighted them all below. You can check them out and you just might discover a new part of you and fall in love with it.



Note: I draw inspiration from a lot of bloggers, however these few have been constantly helpful AND popped up on my feed as I was writing this post, lol.

1) Zeyneb (@zeynb.k): Her feed portrayed the visuals  in my head of how I wanted to create content. I love how she manages to portray exactly what she wants on Instagram, faceless and artsy. It definitely makes you resonate with her kind of content. Her page is also full of minimalistic dress design ideas and colors.


2) Nia (@niaamroun): Nia is a complete representation of my style, from minimalism of her accessories and feed to the completely effortless outfits. I love how she pairs her neutrals and I’ve found and saved a lot of brands through her.


3) Soha (@sohamt): Soha is always such a mood and I get my minimal color inspirations from her feed. I get design snippets from some of her pants/jumpsuit outfits and I used to tweak them into skirts/dresses. Nowadays, I’m more inclined towards mapping out design snippets from her dresses.


4) Fatima (@fvtijm): Her outfits are always made of lightweight fabrics and I absolutely love that: perfect for all those scorching days in Nigerian sun. She seems to love white (I wish I could pull off white looks too) and other neutral colors too plus her smile is always refreshing.

5) Khaoula (@absolutelykhaoula): I’ve been following her for a while but I still get awed at the kind of content she creates. They feel so euphoric and oddly calming. Another content creator that fall under this category for me is @theminimaleblogger.

6) Leena (@withloveleena), Jaserah (@simplyjaserah), Jasmine (@jasminefares), etc

withloveleena-modesty-meaning-bloggers-brands-influence-wardrobe-choices-modest-fashion-lifestyle-khairahscorner    simplyjaserah-modesty-meaning-bloggers-brands-influence-wardrobe-choices-modest-fashion-lifestyle-khairahscorner

These are only a few of the bloggers that I constantly draw from their outfit designs.


The Question of Identity as a Muslim Woman.

Telling my Hijab Story on World Hijab Day.


This is also pretty hard to classify as I usually come across several brands that I fall in love with, mainly through bloggers. I save them on Instagram or grab screenshots so I’ll be sharing some of my favorite saves.


inayahc-modesty-meaning-bloggers-brands-influence-wardrobe-choices-modest-fashion-lifestyle-khairahscorner    madihaofficial-modesty-meaning-bloggers-brands-influence-wardrobe-choices-modest-fashion-lifestyle

houseofanaum-modesty-meaning-bloggers-brands-influence-wardrobe-choices-modest-fashion-lifestyle-khairahscorner   veiledcollection-modesty-meaning-bloggers-brands-influence-wardrobe-choices-modest-fashion-lifestyle


1) MODERNE (@mode_rne): This is a Kenyan-based brand founded by Ameena Abdul and I love getting ideas on different fabric patterns and colors to try. I also get snippets of style inspirations.

2) INAYAH (@inayah)

3) @madihaofficial

4) @homaqofficial

5) HOUSE OF ANAUM (@house_of_anaum)

6) VEILED COLLECTION (@veiledcollection)

SOO I don’t know about you but accounts that give me ideas and inspire me to be a better version of myself, those are accounts worth following. I hope you loved these accounts and ideas as much as I do.

What does modesty mean to you?

I’d love to hear about your latest wardrobe choices, leave a comment on an item you’re currently loving.

P.S If you’re struggling with modesty in general, I have a lot of recommended accounts just for you. You just need to get in touch with me via Instagram (@khairahscorner). May Allah SWT make it easy for you.

Don’t forget to keep in touch via Instagram: @khairahscorner and Pinterest: @khairahscorner


With Love,


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2 thoughts on “Exploring Modesty: Bloggers and Brands Influencing my Wardrobe Choices

  1. Nice post, like you knew someone actually need this. I’m starting to like pants more (even if I haven’t try them out), abayas mostly free clothes (comfort).

    1. Thank you for reading! The pants thing could be comfortable but you probably shouldn’t try it if you can still do without it. Free dresses and abayas bring along some kind of peace tbh. Would love to see you in some outfit. Xoxo

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