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Words That Give Me Peace These Days

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What better way to start the second quarter of 2022 than to write a sentimental post (maybe even overdramatic) about inner peace, especially after taking the last month off blogging?

That was obviously a rhetorical question but still something to think about for yourself: what gives you peace these days?


Hello, and welcome back to my blog – I share more of skincare advice and resources nowadays but my roots go as far back as modest fashion and lifestyle diaries of a random teenage university student. Fast forward to 2022, and I am more grown-up with a career to build, education to further, different good and bad experiences, and a lot more stuff to deal with. However, amidst all the chaos, some things keep me grounded and help me remember what truly matters in this world.

Note: these “mantras” are not meant to motivate or inspire anyone. They are simply just words that mean a little more to me.


1. Verily, with hardship comes ease

The best thing about this verse is the countless times I have seen it come to pass. When you’re in difficult situations and the future just seems so uncertain, the storm never looks like it would pass. But then it does (eventually), and you wonder why you even worried over something beyond your control, and how it’s just gone.

It’s hard, but it will happen. That relief that you want, that prayer you want answered, that struggle that needs to disappear, it will all happen. Eventually.

It’s the waiting period that you have to endure. It could take years, decades, or it could only take a second. Whichever it is, keep steadfast.


2. Some things are just simply out of your control.

You cannot control everything (hell, one can barely control anything). You are not Allah SWT, you’re only one random human. What you can control is really just how you react to things beyond your control. Am I going in circles?

It’s hard especially when you are an over-thinker or you have anxiety, but things don’t always work out as planned and that can feel shitty. However, it is still out of your control so, you should not worry or beat yourself up in such situations.


3. Keep searching for what happiness looks like for you.

Whatever it is, whatever shape or form it takes, what matters is that feeling of peace. Contentment, fulfilment. It really does not matter what it looks like, or where it comes from. It can be the little things, or the life-changing ones.

Laugh, Hurt, Love, Work, Sleep, do whatever. There are no rules.


4. Living is what we do while waiting to die.

I don’t know what it is about these words, but I just always have to have it close by.

5. Death is a worthy reminder

That life is indeed fickle. What it will all amount to. Where we come from, and where we would return to. Who we would answer to. What comes afterwards.

Of the pain and grief that will come with losing your loved ones. Of the same grief that will come with your loved ones losing you.

And it goes on and on.


I’m at the point where this post does not exactly have a conclusion. So, let’s end it just like that.

Thank you for reading🖤

Till next time,




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**Images in post are from random sources, except the first one. I took that one.


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