Monday, March 27, 2023

WHAT IF We Had This Nigeria? – Musings of a Hopeful “Nigerian”

“Can Nigeria ever be better?” I’m sure every Nigerian has thought of this question even if the response was a pessimistic or optimistic one. No one is ignorant of the “disgrace” the word Nigeria can bring or how we Nigerians collectively think the nation is a shithole and “escape” at the first chance we get. […]

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Lifestyle Reality

On Cyber-Bullying via Anonymous Messaging platforms

Cyber-bullying is still very much a thing and still very much inhumane. It comes in different forms: from making snarky comments on social media to slander and defamation of character on anonymous messaging platforms. Anonymous messaging platforms may have been built for harmless purposes but every tool can be utilised negatively. I wrote this post […]

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