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2019 in Review: My Experiences at 19

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2018 was my year of harsh reality hitting me knee deep in the face. 2019 turned out to be a year of growth and lessons. This was originally supposed to be a post about ’20 Things I did at 19 in 2019′. Cliche title, I know but I really wanted to name at least 20 things I did in my last teenage year. I even made this blogpost draft in January and listed a few things I wanted to have achieved by December.

However, 2019 didn’t come with “wins” only but it sure was a year of growing, learning and unlearning.


I remember starting out 2019 with fear, it was overwhelming. It felt like I had no path laid out, no well-thought plans, just dreams I wasn’t even sure were mine anymore. I really didn’t know who I am. I guess I still don’t but 2019 was no doubt, a year with all sorts of experiences.

So writing out my wins, tasks I completed, mistakes I made, fears I faced, things I unlearnt and learnt, was not only a reminder that I wasn’t stagnant, it was the hope I needed to be reassured that I could be better and all it takes is time.

I’m not gonna list out those experiences here because my thoughts are all scattered. However, I’m genuinely grateful and appreciative of every single one of you for your support. You have all been with me throughout the year. We shared these experiences together and y’all motivate me to do better.

INSTEAD, I’ll be sharing some memories from 2019 in pictures❤❤:

1. Wrote better blogposts (Check some of them out HERE)


2. Improved my skincare routine(more selfies!!), you should check out these posts for skincare newbies


3. Took better flatlays and shared more posts on tips.experiences-lessons-growth-2019-year-reivew-flatlays-PR-collaboration-giveaways-photographer-pinterest-inspo-blogpost-khairahscorner

4. Had a great year for KhayY Clothing: Launched a website, etc


5. Visited one more country


6. Almost a graduate


7. Found some key tips to experiencing true happiness:

– Stay close to true friends and family, they got your back.

– Take breaks from social media, try to do things that fufill you.

– Don’t be afraid to love, know when to let go.

– Stay motivated, do not underestimate your worth and the value you offer.

– Find Peace.


I truly wish you all a lovely and fufilling 2020❤❤

With Utmost Love,




Hi, I'm Airah, a Frontend Engineer & Content Creator of all things Modest Fashion, Lifestyle and Skincare. Visit my blog at
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