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On Cyber-Bullying via Anonymous Messaging platforms


Cyber-bullying is still very much a thing and still very much inhumane. It comes in different forms: from making snarky comments on social media to slander and defamation of character on anonymous messaging platforms. Anonymous messaging platforms may have been built for harmless purposes but every tool can be utilised negatively.

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I wrote this post after listening to a random voice note from a lady clearly hurt by the slander against her but I decided to publish it after one of my best friends was ALSO subjected to slander on a class group chat.

Cyber-bullying via Anonymous Messaging

In my words, it’s a tool used by people who:

– are cruel, feed off chaos, lies and are simply tired of their own lives,

– are envious of people’s status and achievements, without knowing the demons they fight every day,

– have their own demons to fight but would rather someone else experience them too,

– think they’re ‘helping’ with the ‘truth’ when in fact, it’s mostly a projection of themselves unto others.

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I was once cyber-bullied by a couple of girls I didn’t even know. It wasn’t anonymous and they were ridiculous insults and threats but it didn’t hurt any less. I was able to get over it because I realised people do not need a reason to bully, they just do.

I cannot put everyone in these labels because I don’t know what goes on in the minds of bullies BUT I can highlight the main effects and toll it has on the victims.


It literally does. A lot of people have struggles and deal with things others won’t know about, some of these people might be hanging on just by a thin thread. Others might already be dealing with psychological or mental issues. Anonymously sending hate or slandering them just might be what that tips them over. That’s not suicide, that’s murder.


We all have emotions and deliberately trying to hurt people is appalling and downright inhumane. Some say they’re telling the truth and are only trying to help one be better. However, if that really were true, anonymity and cruelty aren’t required for such caring gestures. The truth is simply this:

People who need to hide to tell the ‘truth’ NEVER TELL THE TRUTH.

The truth might hurt but lies hurt even more. Be a better human, there’s enough evil in the world already.

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If you’ve ever been a victim of cyber-bullying in ANY form, I hope someday, you realise this:

It’s never who you are, it’s the person they want you to be.

I admit we all have flaws and make mistakes but you did not deserve to be bullied. You can’t stop them but you can make YOU a better person. Find your truth. Continue to be better.

If you’ve ever been a cyber-bully in ANY way, I hope someday you see the error of your ways and stop forming opinions of people based on your biased perceptions or one-sided encounters.

I hope you pause to think about why you have such thoughts, try to sort your issues and be a better person. Until then, your victims will continue to stay strong.



Have you ever been a victim of social media hate or any form of cyber-bullying? How did you manage it? Let’s share stories in the comments

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10 thoughts on “On Cyber-Bullying via Anonymous Messaging platforms

  1. Spot-on I just knew you were going to write about this. I heard some the episodes from your clas group page. Anonymous message was fun before now. People just say extremely nasty stuff on it. Welldone !

    1. Exactly. It was meant for harmless purposes but like every other tool, people somehow use it to make others feel horrible about themselves. It just HAD to be said. Thanks for reading.

  2. Yeah, you are most welcome… I need not mention that you should keep up the good work. If possible drop a link to your post on your class page and whatsapp platform…

  3. Love this. So people just like harnessing the power of technology wrongly rather than help people with it

    1. Yeah it’s sad people often use technology for the wrong reasons. Hopefully they may see the error of their ways. Thanks for reading!

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