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EID 2020 Outfit Inspirations: Styles to Try & Favorites From Veiled Collection

This year’s Ramadan was definitely a first of its kind for me (fasting amidst a pandemic) and I’m sure it was for you too. Some of us are away from families and we missed out on the precious moments usually shared, the peak of it would be the coming Eid-ul-Fitr. I know it can be hard and you may be thinking of not doing anything special. HOWEVER, you should still celebrate in the best way you can under these circumstances! You should still dress up, look lovely and thank Allah SWT for witnessing the end of another Ramadan.

eid 2020 oufit inspiration dresses two pieces jumpauits style inspo veiled collection


As you may already know from my Instagram, I’ve been obsessing over a modest fashion brand based in NY called Veiled Collection. They released two collections with stunning pieces just before Ramadan and I was totally in love with them. This gave me the perfect opportunity to highlight dresses from the collections that’d be perfect for EID.

Check them out here!

All the dresses have one thing in common and that’s the simple and elegant designs. They also had great fabric choices and the colors were befitting for each piece. Sadly, most of them are sold out on their website SO this is just a style inspiration post to get you excited about dressing for EID and also, find alternatives🖤.


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Please use the links below for each product if you’d like to shop any of them. Some of them are affiliate links so I get a tiny commission for completed purchases at no cost to you!

This contributes to the maintenance of the blog, so I absolutely would appreciate you using the links!🖤

1. Gabriella Swiss Dot Maxi Dress


This is my favorite piece from their “Resort Wear” collection and for all the right reasons! The details of the fabric of this dress is what makes it stand out. Its soft blue color makes it feel homey hence, perfect for Eid (or in this case, #EidAtHome).

Click to Shop:

Emerald green

Navy blue


Dusty pink


“A great dress is 50% the fabric it’s made of”

– Khairah, 2020.

2. Burgundy balloon pleated dress


This was my second best design and my favorite from the  “Beverly Hills” collection. Apart from its rich color, I love its pleated fabric and its minimalistic design. The focus of the dress was the fabric and that made it a perfect choice. Another lovely feature was its oversized balloon sleeves.





3. Cleo Cuffed Sleeve Maxi Dress

Cuffed sleeves are forever a favorite sleeve style of mine, so this dress had to be on the list.

cleo-cuffed-sleeve-maxi-dress-blogpost-khairahscorner-shopping-list-$155  $155-cleo-cuffed-sleeve-maxi-dress-blogpost-veiled-collection-khairahscorner-shopping-list

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4.  Hayley Mink Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress

Remember my cute dress from this blogpost? This dress was the inspiration and all too perfect for EID🖤.

The Dress
The Inspo


5. Imani Blush Pleated Maxi Dress

I love pleated fabrics and so this made the list too!

imani-blush-pleated-maxi-dress-blogpost-veiled-collection-khairahscorner-shopping-list-$95    imani-blush-pleated-maxi-dress-blogpost-veiled-collection-khairahscorner-shopping-list-$95

6. White Polka Dot Ruffle Maxi Dress

The polka patterns of this dress gives it endless scarf color options.

Shop here

white-polka-dot-ruffle-maxi-dress-blogpost-models-khairahscorner-shopping-list-$149    $149-white-polka-dot-ruffle-maxi-dress-blogpost-veiled-collection-khairahscorner-shopping-list

If you’re looking for inspiration other than dresses, you might like some of these:


You can never go wrong with matching two-piece sets: open or closed.



I’m not a fan of jumpsuit but this Cuff jumpsuit, also from Veiled Collection got me reconsidering my stance. I LOVE the loose fit and it’s unlike any jumpsuit I’ve ever come across. It also comes with a belt if you want a more fitted look. Great choice if you want to try out jumpsuits without feeling too out of your element.


$95-black-button-cuff-jumpsuit-blogpost-veiled-collection-khairahscorner-shopping-list   black-button-cuff-jumpsuit-blogpost-khairahscorner-shopping-list

So that’s all on my favorite Veiled collection pieces. I hope you love them as much as I did and I hope to see stunning pictures of your Eid looks In Shaa Allah. May Allah SWT preserve our lives to witness the end of  this Ramadan, celebrate Eid and witness many more.

Which outfits did you like the most? Would you be trying any of these looks? Let me know in the comments🖤


With Love,



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4 thoughts on “EID 2020 Outfit Inspirations: Styles to Try & Favorites From Veiled Collection

  1. Subhanallah
    The way Allah does his thing. I actually featured your mauve dress and another on the post I publish before reading this post. The mauve dress is actually an inspo all day Wallahi.
    I totally love this. Never knew about veiled collection before now.

    1. Awww I’m definitely going to go read the post now, Jazakumullahu khayran, I’m glad you liked the mauve dress, it was a Veiled Collection inspo and I’m glad I was able to share some of their lovely outfits with you

  2. Wow this was so amazing I had to snap some screenshots …..very inspiring made me to fall in love once again with modest fashion…..I like the way you describe and put everything together

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