Monday, August 03, 2020
Lifestyle Tips

Feeling Too Much Pressure? Here’s How To Stay Sane Through The COVID-19 Pandemic

I struggled to find the right words to start this post. Why? Because I’ve felt the same way you do. I also wanted to stay sane like you do, which is why you’re reading this right now. The pandemic got a lot of people feeling undue pressure, either from consuming too much content or seeing […]

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Lifestyle Reality

On Cyber-Bullying via Anonymous Messaging platforms

Cyber-bullying is still very much a thing and still very much inhumane. It comes in different forms: from making snarky comments on social media to slander and defamation of character on anonymous messaging platforms. Anonymous messaging platforms may have been built for harmless purposes but every tool can be utilised negatively. I wrote this post […]

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Reviews Skincare

Morning Skincare Routine with Clean & Clear: Products of Johnson & Johnson

Skincare products from the Johnson & Johnson’s Clean & Clear line are not new to my routine but this is the first time I’d include four products from the same product line in my routine. All of the products I use from the Clean & Clear line are labelled “OIL FREE” which assures me that […]

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