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An Open Letter Of Appreciation

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It’s 10:30pm and it crosses my mind to write a letter, a letter of appreciation addressed to the people in my life. I keep saying I need more friends but I fail to realise just how much the ones I think I have already mean.

2018 was not only my “coming-of-age” year but also an enlightening year, full of drama, confessions, tears and frustration. As I go through my diary/planner, I see that I once made a note to write an open letter of appreciation and what better time than now?

This is not just for me, not just me writing.

Ask yourself, “Do you think you aren’t doing enough? Or anything at all?”, “Are you achieving what you think you want? In any way? Making that tiny impact? Helping, no matter how negligible?”,

because the moment you really look around to realise how small your circle is and how you are getting that tiny impact back from them, you should appreciate them.

People come and go, it hasn’t been any different for me. So here’s to everyone who has stayed, a reminder on why you need to keep staying.

1) To A. and E.

I don’t even know how to say this but thank you for coming into my life. You know how you meet someone online but it feels like you were meant for forever? These two ladies have been a major plus in my 2018 and I love you both very much. Thank you for being a part of my life and hope to meet you soon.

2) To A.

You were a part of me growing up, letting go and just being a better person.

3) To I.

You’ll always be a part of my life and I hope that is enough happiness for you too.

4) To Family

Who would I be without them? What identity would I have? The answer is zilch.

Family isn’t just blood, Family is that circle of people that have your back, that help you be who you really are and remind you why you exist. Family is everything and I thank you all for being mine.

5) To Me

You’ve grown, you’ve learnt, you’ve evolved, you’ve progressed and you will continue to. I’m happy you are addressing your struggles, your fears, your pains, I’m happy you find it a tad bit easier to open up, to talk, to try to be happy. It’s okay, it’s all okay, at least it will all be okay and I’m glad you have reminders for that.

What are you currently doing? Currently thinking of? Take a minute to make a mental note of people you appreciate in your life at that moment. Don’t overthink, just write it down. Just let it out.

We are all humans, we should all act like we are and that includes acknowledging the fact that you cannot be alone.

So what are you going to do?



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