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VT Cosmetics ‘CICA x HYALON’ Collection Review

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In the world of Korean skincare, CICA is a well-known ingredient and VT Cosmetics collection is one you absolutely should check out. In this review, I’ll be sharing the products from the “CICA x HYALON” collection and a summary review I wrote for each of them. I’ll also include discount codes you can use to get an extra 2-10% off all purchases on specified online stores.

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About VT Cosmetics CICA x HYALON collection

The line is formulated with CICALIAO + CICAHYALON and these are exclusive ingredients trademarked by the brand. CICALIAO is Centella Asciatica extract + Centella 4X complex + Green Propolis extract and CICAHYALON adds in triple Hyaluronic acid. They provide moisture and soothing properties and also help strengthen the skin barrier.

Most of the ingredients have amazing benefits but here are my first thoughts about each product as a whole.


1) Mild Toner pads

I’ve always wanted to try out toner pads, the ones I used were DIYs with toners so this was pretty exciting for me.

This one has 60 pads and comes with a picker. It smells like it was soaked with the CICA toner from the collection but it also has BHA (Salix alba extract) for mild exfoliation and getting rid of dead skin cells. The pad itself has different sides; the embossing side and the smooth side. So basically, it feels like physical exfoliation (the embossing side) but with a chemical exfoliant and I find this pretty cool!

cica hyalon mild toner pads blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

However, it’s said to have witch hazel extract so if you’re sensitive or get irritated by witch hazel, you may want to skip this one and opt for makeshift pads with the toner instead (review of toner in next post). Overall, I find them quite handy for exfoliating + toning✨.

Price: $11.50 (currently 30% off)

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2) CICA Skin – Toner

VT cosmetics cica skin toner blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

It has a watery but gel-like texture and it’s a clear liquid with some kind of green tint. I can’t quite place it but I absolutely love the smell. It’s lightweight and absorbs well into the skin when you pat it in. It can also be used like the toner pads by simply soaking your cotton pads and placing it on your skin for about 5-10 minutes.

Price: $21.50 (currently 30% off)

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3) CICA Cream

It has a gel-like cream texture with a green tint as well. I love how it disappears into the skin quite easily and leaves a soft silky feeling. I also love the smooth finish but only when applied in pea-sized amounts. It feels a bit heavy if applied more and for combination/oily skin, it might look greasy.

VT cosmetics cica cream blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

It smells like the toner but stronger. The smell lingers for a while after application, especially when I first tried it and I wasn’t really a fan of that. But overall, it’s a moisture cream I like using.

Price: $20 (currently 30% off)

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cica hyalon cica skin toner and cica cream blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

4) Foam cleanser *Travel size samples

It has a white creamy texture and lathers really well. I got 5 travel size packs and because it lathers quickly, I used one travel size twice. I also liked applying it like a mask without wetting my face and that used up the whole pack😂.

It has a nice smell and it’s quite easy to wash off. It also doesn’t feel stripping at all so my skin doesn’t feel dry afterwards. I like that it’s mild too so it’d be suitable for sensitive skin.

cica hyalon mild foam cleanser blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

Price: $11.50 for the 300ml tube! (currently 30% off)

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5) Sleeping masks

It has a creamy texture and some sort of minty feeling. I’m not a fan of the smell as it lingered on for too long and was quite choking😬. It comes in a pack of 30 pieces but I only got 2 to try (It’d have been nice if it also came in 5 pieces but that’s okay too).

It’s a 1 piece-1 use but I found its content too much for just one use. I had to layer it at least 4 times before I could use it all up so my face felt kinda heavy.

cica hyalon sleeping masks blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

On the bright side, this would be a great sleeping mask choice for a sleepover! You can always share it with your girlie and not have to layer it all up.

It had fully absorbed into the skin by morning and you just wash your face off. It gives you this soft and smooth feeling and I think that’s the only thing I like about it.

Price: $24.60 (currently 30% off so yes, it’s on the pricy side)

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6) Bubble Sparkling Booster

I was very much fascinated with this one lol. It has a creamy texture, the way mud masks feel like except this one is green and bubbles up!

cica hyalon bubble sparkling booster blogpost khairahscorner youtube channel

It feels cool to the skin when applied and starts to bubble up on the face as soon as it’s applied, literally in seconds! It turns foamy and swells up considerably well. Best to wash off about 1-2 minutes after, else it might just bubble up into your nose like it did mine😂.

It comes in a pack of 10 and it’s also in one-use packs. It had more than enough for just one use so I think it’d be a great idea to either make the packs in smaller sizes or have a single “whole” option (like the foam cleanser). I really liked using this one and I’m glad I got 10 pieces to try!✅

Price: $12.60 (currently 30% off)

Shop on StyleKorean:

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Thank you for reading! Let me know in the comments if you’ve used any products from VT cosmetics before and your experience with them.

With Love,




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**Products were gifted by Style Korean for their Try Me Review Me collaboration event with VT Cosmetics.

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