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6 YouTube Features You Need to Try and How They Can Help Grow Your Channel

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Hi everyone, I’m back with a microblog post on 6 YouTube features you need to know about, how they work and why you should try them to grow your YouTube channel in 2021. Whether you have a new channel or you’re just looking for tips to grow your channel, these features will help you.

You’ll learn what each feature is all about, how to use them and how it can help to grow your channel, get more viewers, subscribers and build up that watch time. I included screens of how these features work and the results I’ve seen so far from using them in my videos. Click below to watch:

[Turn on CC for subtitles]

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Timestamps to help you navigate the video quickly:

0:00 Intro

0:12 Who these features are for

0:18 Why you NEED to know and use these features

0:55 The very FIRST feature you should check out

1:48 The feature that gives you ACCESS to other YouTube features

3:27 SAVE yourself Time by using this feature

5:05 The TWO features you need for every video

6:48 THE feature that can get you more views (and subs)

8:24 This feature helps a lot too

If you’re into KPOP:

Video Details

Filmed: Canon G7X Mark II

Edited: iPhone 7 with splice app

**About Me on YouTube

My name is Airah, a blogger, content creator and my channel is all about modest fashion, skincare, lifestyle and anything else that fits the vibes! I work full-time in tech so I’d occasionally share some tech content. I also like K-Pop and I’m trying to learn Korean so you may see some content on that too!

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youtube features to know about in 2021 and how they can grow your channel blogpost khairahscorner

Thank you for watching! Let me know what you think of this video in the comments.

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