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SPLICE: The Video Editing App You Must Try

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It’s 2020, video contents thrive best on social media so it’s only right to know about Splice, a great video editing app to use: its features and what makes it stand out.

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I shared a post in 2019 talking about Two Video Editing Apps to know about  and Quik was my most used of the two. However, Splice was acquired by a company called Bending Spoons and it has since undergone a major revamp. It now has a totally new look with more interesting features which you should know about and just may convince you to try it out.

Note: There’s also a sound app with the same name. Note the difference, even in the logos.

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Like my previous post noted, Splice was created by the same developer of Quik, GoPro Inc., now under the control of another company called Bending Spoons. Also unlike Quik, it’s used to edit and create longer videos and has so many powerful features.

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1. COMPLETELY NEW LOOK: The new company revamped the entire app design and I absolutely love it. The Design and User Experience teams did a great job on their research and coming up with these.

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2. There’s a new feature called “Split” that allows you to split videos and songs with just one click. This makes things a lot easier as you can now cherry-pick video and song parts.

splice video editing app 2020 blogpost khairahscorner new features bending spoons

3. More in-app songs and sound effects have been added. It’s now so much easier to trim and cut songs and also add multiple songs.

4. More transitions types have been added and it now includes a feature where you can choose your number of “Frames per second” on export.

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1. The app now requires an internet connection on startup. Previously, you only needed internet to utilize in-app music but now it needs an active network connection to start up.

2. It’s now a PAID app. This came as a shock to me when I tried to download it on another iPhone. It’s not labeled as a paid app on the App Store but after download, you won’t be able to access the app until a subscription is made. I find this misleading and should be corrected, although the description on Play Store attempts to imply a subscription. The good news is PREVIOUS users don’t need to pay to use the app.

3. The steps for importing Music are longer and more elaborate. However, it helps that there’s a guide on how to successfully import music.

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4. The export sizes for the videos are considerably larger than before.

5. It’s still currently only available for iOS devices.

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There’s a whole lot more to discover and I’ll be doing just that. SPLICE is the video editing app to try if you’re looking to create longer videos with more control of your audio tracks, speed, transitions and a whole other features. You can read more about it HERE.

Download Splice for iOS here.

Have you ever tried this app? Made any updates recently? Let me know in the comments if you found this useful!

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