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Travel Diaries: A Trip to Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

Ever being to Al-Madinah or Al-Masjid An-Nabawi (The Prophet’s Mosque)?? I had the opportunity of visiting the city and unlike my previous post on Makkah, I’ll be writing more about my experience throughout the journey.


The Journey:

After spending time in Makkah (Read post here), we headed out on a Sunny Sunday morning to Al-Madinah. It was roughly a 5-hour drive that included stops for food hunting, refueling and praying/refreshing. We arrived in Madinah and had a fit concerning packing.


Just to mention, Saudi routes are really confusing because they are just SOO convoluted!!

Looking for a free parking lot was out of the option, so we had to pay using a meter. My dad and I had issues with the pay meter but we were lucky to find a hotel quickly with a parking lot perk.

The Mosque



We settled in and were just in time for the Asr prayer. After offering our prayers, we decided to have a little tour (which ended too soon) but I got to see a TINY section of the mosque. Inside the women’s section, you could see countless study circles, Muslim women teaching one another the Qu’ran. The recitals were so soothing you’d wish you were bestowed the priviledge of living in Madinah and had access to that blessing.





The Goodies


Throughout my stay in both Makkah and Al-Madinah, we lived on junks. As a very picky person, I shy away from trying new food. A lot of the meals got me converting to Naira and it was simply not worth it. We (Read as My Sisters and I) lived on Chicken, Chips, Bread, Strawberry yoghurt and some other familiar junk food.


We went shopping for abayahs and other gift items, which was full of dramatics. From my younger sister acting nonchalant to my mum being the typical Nigerian mum and rebuking most of our choices, overall it was fun.

SideNote: The prices of the abayahs I bought would have sent me running if it were to be Naira but you know what they say about Rome😂😂. The holiday was more tolerable once I decided to stop converting everything to Naira. Also, because I was spending someone else’s money.

In summary, my stay of 10 days in Saudi Arabia was a memorable one and I hope me sharing these details made you feel like you experienced it yourself too.




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6 thoughts on “Travel Diaries: A Trip to Al-Madinah, Saudi Arabia

  1. Am travelling via the pictures already. I hope to visit Saudi Arabia this year in sha’Allah, so I will be watching out for places you took shot of. Say a word of prayer for me that Allah makes it easy.

    Khairah you write and play with words right making one imagine each scene like one actually travelled with you.
    You should do an Abaya give away though since you sound like you bought more than one, am actually about your size just in case. Winks

    1. I’m very glad you read this post, may Allah SWT make it easy for you and may you enjoy the experience. Please take pictures of where some of the original mosque laid, I couldn’t get to see that, also check out the prophet’s SAW burial site(I couldn’t see that either).

      Oh and as for the abaya, I don’t even have enough but something to look into

  2. Well, since I experienced it too, I don’t have much to say. In sha Allah, I’ll be honeymooning in Medina, Saudi Arabia

  3. Ma shaa Allah sis.

    I watch this Masjid like everyday of my life courtesy of my Dad. We hope to travel with him sometimes but the our family size and our account balanc are not just in tandem. Only both parents can always travel there together as of this moment.
    We hope to join them someday even if it’s just for Umrah.
    Even the you write about this place is so soothing.

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