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How to Get More Views & Readers on your Blog

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As a blogger, I know we all want more blog views and readers. Blog statistics (page views, visitors, etc) are very important and personally, it gives me great satisfaction when I see my numbers increase. This is because it proves that more people are finding their way to my content and so I must be doing something right.

I know you want that too and there are several ways you can get it.

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One of them is to:

Update and improve old blogposts responsible for a large percentage of your traffic.

These posts are the ones showing up on search engines when keywords relating to them are used.

Why is it a good idea?

Because I can testify to spikes in blog stats as a result of old posts.

Around April 2020, I noticed spikes in my stats. I used Google Search Console to analyze my website and discovered some of my posts had been showing up in organic searches. Users were also clicking on my link as a result.

Improving and updating your high-performing posts could help your blog get more views and readers.

Thinking about blogging professionally?

You can achieve that by getting your own domain and building a self-hosted blog/website.

Learn more about the entire process in this eBook.

How to Improve & Update Old Posts

There are different things you can do; even as simple as republishing the posts.

1) Improve the content

Your writing style may have improved, so it’s important to fix the tone of your posts that are showing up on search engines! Optimize the posts by getting rid of unnecessary information and ensuring they reflect your thoughts concisely. This will help promote a sense of your professionalism to new readers and improve your blog‘s credibility.

2) Include Related Posts

Add a considerable number of your other posts to the posts showing up on Google searches. Although you can add other categories, it’s best to add similar and related posts. This helps to provide new readers with more of the resources they can get from the blog. It will also encourage further reading and increase your users’ sessions/visits.

3) Add More Focus/Search Keywords

I’m not an SEO expert but I know you can improve the possibilities of your content showing up in searches by properly utilising keywords. Add potential search keywords to the titles of old posts and make use of them reasonably in your writeup.

Posts & Pages I Recently Updated:

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Work With Me: Services

4) Organize your images

Visual content appeal to readers a lot and ensuring your blog images are properly placed is a great tactic. Blog themes display images differently and changing themes may alter their positions in blogposts. Hence, you should also inspect and organize images of old posts to ensure they appear as expected.

5) Add more external links

Adding links from other blogs and websites related to your old posts is another great way to increase your search engine visibility. You can also include links from sources used to gather information for these posts.

6) Fix broken links

There are situations where some of the links and/or images attached to older posts may be invalid or no longer exist. You can try to get rid of them by inspecting and updating your older posts.


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How to Support Your Favourite Blogs

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Utilising these few tips may not get you tens of thousands of views instantly but they will improve your posts and increase your chances of showing up on searches and thus going viral!

Thank you for reading and I hope you found the post useful!




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