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Life Updates: Quitting My Job, Blog Milestones, Postgraduate Studies

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The past couple of months since my last blogpost in July have been very eventful, to say the least. From deciding to transition into Cloud Computing, Nigeria dealing with me in its usual way, to moving back to Qatar, and then packing my life up again to study in the UK. That was a handful to type and not even the full story.


I’m pretty sure you can already tell that a lot happened. I shared some of them on Linkedln, my tech blog, and my techstagram account but I still wanted to consolidate it all into one post.

Most importantly, I just wanted to write a brief post to highlight this year’s blog milestones because it’s been 4 years since I purchased the domain. That is actually what this post is about😂.

Still, I’ll add a list of links to everything I’ve written about my life these past months.

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Quick Recap

I’ve been noticing more visitors to this little corner of mine in the past few weeks, so I’ll do a re-introduction in case this is the first post you come across on the website.

Hello, I’m Airah (aka Khairah aka khairahscorner), and welcome to my blog! I’ve been blogging for over six years now, and this particular website has been running since 2018.

Today is the 4th-year anniversary, and I figured I might as well just publish a sentimental post.

Life Updates

I’m not even sure where to start from so things might seem a bit messy. You can click on the links to read more about each of them:

Moved back to Qatar: This was temporary, but I was so grateful to have been able to go back. Nigeria had taken a mental toll on me more than usual, and I just wanted to get away. Being able to escape that rabbit hole for a saner environment, was truly healing.

Prepared for my first AWS exam: I wanted to validate what I’d been learning so far, and see if I could actually pass the exam. Although I heard it was easy to pass, I was not fully convinced because there were people that also failed it. So, I prepped with different materials and trainings. 

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Moved to the UK for my Masters degree: There is a lot to unpack here, but we’ll do that another day.

Became an AWS Community Builder: You have to read this post about it, seriously. 

Passed my first AWS certification exam: This made me happy, for good reason.

Quit my job: I wouldn’t say this was inevitable, but I guess it was? I would have eventually quit to fully put myself out there and seek that first role as a cloud engineer. Like they say, the first role is always the hardest to find.

Became more active on Linkedln: Linkedln seems to be a great tool/platform to grow my network and build mutually beneficial connections. That new job has to come from somewhere, right?

Opened a new Instagram account: khairahscorner seemed to have run its course for me, so I decided to start another one. I don’t know where I’m doing with multiple accounts lol, but I guess it’s nice to start afresh.

I still haven’t resumed YouTube, but one thing at a time.

Also, believe it or not, postgraduate studies is quite demanding (at least for me and my goals).

And that’s just a short summary of things. 

Blog Milestones🎊

It’s not enough to say the blog has seen a lot of growth compared to last year, the metrics speak louder. I am particularly proud of my Google search metrics, so I’d share some of those. I’ll also include a rough stats on the actual views and visitors; I switched to the GA4 Google Analytics tool sometime in April/May so I don’t have the full year insights.

Google Search & Reader Metrics

For this year, the blog has seen almost 395,000 search impressions and 8,000 clicks, with an average CTR of 2%, all from Google Search.

My articles have been read in 224 countries, and several of those articles come up in first page Google search results!

WordPress insights also indicate the blog has recorded almost 13,000 views (+6% from 2021) and 10,000 visitors (+13%). Most of these hits were from Nigeria, USA, UK, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, to name a few!

There are so many other metrics that make me happy just looking at my Search console and analytics dashboard. It may not be much but it really warms me up that the blog is thriving in its own way.

As a blogger, Instagram and YouTube content creator, I offer a wide range of services specifically tailored for brands and small businesses. I’d love to work with you!

sponsorships pr collaborations khairahscorner instagram youtube blog

Custom Ads and Google AdSense

I also ran more sidebar ads this year compared to 2021. This is your cue to take advantage of those metrics and run your ads on my website! Not just brands/businesses or products and services, all ads are welcome.

You can read more of how to get started here.

My Adsense ads are also running and although the earnings are verryyyy minute, it’s still growing gradually. Who knows, maybe I’ll hit a surge and get my first $100 check sooner than I imagine!

For now though, that won’t happen in 3, 4 years😂.

Last Words

I just spent three hours on this post because writing things like these are never-ending, so I’ll just stop here. I hope you were able to journey with me through the past three months, and gained something?🙊

Either way, thank you for visiting my blog, reading my articles and making me smile. It’s rewarding for me, and I have you all to thank for that. Leave a comment below while you are here, and let me know since when you’ve been reading!

Let’s keep growing!


Till Next Time,

With Love,



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