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14 Positive Quotes and Sayings To Strengthen Your Mindset + Improve Daily Life

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Positive sayings and motivational quotes are like food recipes we feed our brains when we’re feeling all sorts of things. There are days when things get hard, you have a lot of emotions and your mind gets overwhelmed. These are the times you need positive words to lift your spirits.

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Why You Should Have a List

Having a list of positive quotes or sayings can help you stay calm, refocus and remember who you really are and what you’re aiming for.

There are millions of positive sayings that can lift up your spirits and remind you of realities of life. These quotes can become your mantras to push through rough days, ultimately building a better mindset and improving your everyday life.

I curated a list of them either from novels, movies or social media and I added a personal touch to some.

1. Living is what we do while waiting to die. Live.

I found this quote when someone who used to say it died. I didn’t know who he was before his death but his words stuck to me and I’ve never been able to forget them.

The “Live” part was a personal touch, to serve as a reminder that you have to make proper use of the time you have on this earth and make it worthwhile.

May Allah SWT forgive his sins and continue to light up his grave.


2. There are bright places even in dark times –All The Bright Places

3. You can lay low or you can stand tall. – Tall Girl


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I recently read this memoir by Chanel Miller: Know My Name and it had so much I could hold on to:

4. Do not become the ones who hurt you.

5. Stay tender with your power.

6. I decide what I’m capable of.

7. Erasure is a form of oppression, the refusal to see.

8. Whatever past you came from, you don’t have to go back.

9. Good and bad things come from the universe holding hands. Wait for the good to come.

10. Denying darkness does not bring anyone closer to the light.


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11. Winning starts with beginning. Begin.

12. You can’t ignore a part of yourself and be happy.

13. The root of unhappiness is an unwillingness to take responsibility for one’s life.

14. It’s easy to be a critic, it’s a great challenge to be a leader.

There are a lot of motivational quotes & sayings that can be very helpful to your health & mental wellness. Creating a list of your best ones can serve as a constant source of motivation. You can make your list anywhere; your Notes app, a notepad you carry everywhere, stickers plastered all over the walls of your room, etc.

All of these could help you build a stronger mindset and improve your overall well-being.


I found another inspiring quote on this article and I just had to include it post-publishing:

15. The Best Way to Learn Something Is to Try to Teach It

This is what I’m trying to embrace to make my journey in tech easier. I may continuously feel like I don’t know enough to share but I’ve decided to commit to sharing what I’ve learnt because it just might be useful for someone else too!

Join me on Instagram to begin this journey with me🖤

Thank you for reading and I hope you were able to find some of these quotes useful.

With Love,



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