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How to Grow Your Instagram Account in 2020

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Let’s be real, it can be hard to grow your Instagram account these days. If you do not already have a substantial amount of followers or get a repost from an account with a large audience or constantly push out content, you simply do not stand a chance. That’s the reality of the algorithm.

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As a modest fashion content creator, it can be hard to constantly push out content if you do not have the resources for it. Funds are needed to regularly shop, partnerships and collaborations for content creation. You also need to be in a region where you can easily shop online for your kind of style.

Not everyone has access to that, I get it, I’m sometimes there too. A lot of factors are against you and it can get pretty exhausting. That’s why I’m sharing these tips that I keep in mind when trying to grow my instagram account (in no particular order). They may be little and non-obvious but they go a long way in helping you gradually gain the audience you deserve.

NOTE: This is not a “Make your Instagram account go viral in ONE week” post. There is no time limit to seeing results from these tips.

This is also not a motivational post of “Create more content with value”. You can create premium content and still not grow if your account doesn’t reach the audience  that needs the value you provide.

1. Avoid going on hiatus

Whatever you do, avoid disappearing off Instagram regularly or for long periods. I still suffer from the effects of taking breaks and I’m not certain when my account will recover. The breaks were worth it for me BUT when you take these breaks, Instagram decreases the percentage of followers they show your feed posts AND stories to. Instagram also “shadow bans” accounts so you might want to check that out too.

All in all, avoid breaks as much as you can. I’m a big advocate of unplugging from the Internet. Things can be quite overwhelming and taking those breaks may help bring back your sanity. However, if you’re very serious about growing your account, breaks definitely affect your growth.

2. Use consistent hashtags

I always tailor hashtags to fit my posts but you should have some hashtags consistently on every post. Millions of users post on Instagram, posting with consistent hashtags may increase your chances of being seen on the hashtag pages. This ultimately gets users to visit your page if they come across one of your posts they found interesting enough.

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3. Add “subtitles” to video content

Whether you’re speaking on your stories or in a video on your feed, I figured this allows more people to know what you’re talking about. It gives them an idea of what your video is about and they don’t just swipe away from your stories/feed either because they can’t hear you or because of slow internet connection.

This goes a long way because you want to be inclusive with your audience and cater for people who need more accessibility options. It may not be a “growth” tip but it helps make your content friendly for all kinds of audience.

4. Add hashtag(s) to your bio

This may also heighten your chances of showing up more on the hashtag pages. It may also make your stories appear on the hashtag’s stories.  Instagram seems to be selective of stories to show under hashtags but still, adding the hashtags to your bio and stories may be worth it.

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5. Post as much as you can

This is one tip that everyone knows and it actually works. If you post regularly, the algorithm is more likely to favor you. It may show at least one of those posts to your audience. This will remind them that you’re always online and get them to go to your feed to catch up. Do not forget to post regularly on your stories too, a lot of people feel content creators are more genuine & unfiltered on their stories.

I know it can be really hard to balance a career with consistent content creation, especially when you have a 24/7 demanding career like being a software developer. Despite that, I’m trying my best to maximize this tip too.

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6. Leave comments on posts of others

It’s social media, interacting with others is what it’s all about. Do not leave random comments, be sure to interact and leave genuine comments on accounts that align with your brand or what you love. This may intrigue their audience to check out your account too and you just might gain a new follower.


The fastest way to grow exponentially on Instagram is to get a repost from a very popular and active account. Your page visits & following will most likely skyrocket but the quality of the content on your page is what will retain them.

So regardless of the status of your account, keep creating premium content that you love and you’d eventually achieve what you desire.

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Let me know in the comments if you found these tips useful and which one(s) you’d keep in mind!

With Love,



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