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One Year of Blogging: How I Started + HUGE Announcement

Let me tell you a story, I promise you it’s not so boring.


It all started on the 17th of February, 2016.

sneaker hijabis

I really am not sure why I started but I do remember a reason. I liked doing things my own way, I was kinda nerdy and I really believed in my views. The only push I needed was someone belittling those views.

In other words, I got “inspired” by judgmental people to create a space where I could share my views without any care in the world.

For  while, my blog was just that: a place to spill and rant. Of course, I wasn’t thinking of anything called inconsistency, it wasn’t that much of a deal. That all changed when I decided to be a better version of myself, I was like

“OKAY, you need to stop, stop overthinking and just do what your head and heart have always wanted”.

I wanted to express myself in a way I never did, let out all those thoughts in a brand new way and simply be heard.

I wanted to serve a purpose:

inspire and help, no matter how little, and be happy.


On the 6th of October, 2017, I decided to take the leap. I had my friend help out with one of those photo shoots I was constantly dreaming up in my head but never acting on it. It was a game changer, so to speak, I was(and still am) a really big introvert and I still get scared of unnecessary things. The photo shoot almost gave me one of those panic attacks but I got through it, the pictures came out so nice (nice enough at the time, lol) and I felt true happiness.

It was like finally being free.


My journey since then, has been a real one. My writing got way better, I got to talk more (my captions were conversations to me), I interacted and met new people, got to understand other people’s opinions, got to look at situations through the eyes of another and so much more.


The year wasn’t an easy ride, I got so many of my panic attacks, was more disturbed and occasionally, the depressive feelings overthrew me. My blog didn’t do any of this to me but it was most certainly a safe haven for me. It helped me, it “healed” me and it still does. It’s like my open diary and of course once I took on real-blogging, I could no longer whine needlessly but through it all, I was able to learn how to pour out all emotions in my words, without sounding like a 10-year-old whiner.

Some of My Best 2018 Posts

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– Flatlays for Beginners: How I Made My First Flatlay

– 10 Items to Carry Around As a Student Blogger: What’s In My Bag

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– The Beginners Guide To Get Started & Grow on Pinterest

Looking back, I see how much I’ve grown. Posts like this made me remember how I felt during those tough school periods or this where I became unsure and my words were surprisingly motivating, even for me or the series of posts sharing outfits of muslims I had come across or this where I was really proud of the Bookstagram community my sister was growing.

It’s been an educating experience and I’m thoroughly prepared to go unto the next level.


Khairah’s Corner is focused on sharing affordable modest fashion pieces for the average young Muslim woman and how to style them, documenting interests, sharing useful tips on how to be happy in YOUR everyday lifestyle and most importantly, ADDING VALUE. Khairah’s Corner is a place to relate to your self by looking at how I share mine.

I want Khairah’s Corner to not just be my corner, but to be everyone else’s by looking through my eyes. Khairah’s Corner is FOR YOU but BY ME.

Which brings me to this announcement.


I’m finally taking the leap of faith and getting myself a real domain.

I’m working on launching my own website!!


This might seem like something trivial but I really do believe it signifies a real step towards growing myself as a trusted brand. I don’t know how long it will take but I believe the very first step for me is to put it out here so I never have a reason to back out(which is sadly still a trait I’m working on).

I had a lot of words but I could only organize this much. You can read through those posts I added their links, it may inspire you one way or the other.

SIDE NOTE: I apologize for any errors, I didn’t proofread it as much as I always do.



I’d really love to hear your opinions

Thank you all so much for being a part of my small tribe!!

With Utmost Love,


<p>Hi, I'm Khairah, a Frontend Engineer & Content Creator of all things Modest Fashion, Lifestyle and Skincare. Visit my blog at</p>

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