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5 Lessons I’ve Learnt Within 3 Months of Living In Lagos – #InternDiaries

I know I wanted to keep a weekly journal of my internship, hence why I started this series. However, life seeped in and I just couldn’t keep up with journaling my experiences, most of it was tech-related. However, I’ve learnt so much apart from tech and I just thought to document those.

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One Key Lesson I’ve Learnt is to be intentional with EVERYTHING. Life doesn’t just fall into place, you make it so.

be-intentional-internship-quotes-khairahscorner1. LOCATION DOESN’T MAKETH YOU

A fact I now know is that the location you live doesn’t change who you are unless you choose to let it. I used to say Ile-Ife was limited in terms of opportunities to go out and socialize. It wasn’t until I lived in Lagos for over 4 months that I realized that I’ve only spent FOUR weekends out. The rest were either spent with family or alone indoors. That’s all on me though and it’s an aspect I’m seriously trying to overcome. So yeah, I finally accepted that I had to make the conscious efforts to go out, make intentional plans to hang out with friends. BE INTENTIONAL.


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I’ve also always believed (or being indirectly made to believe) that I suck at keeping relationships. However, I realized one has to always make conscious efforts. Calling that friend I haven’t talked to in a while, leaving personalized heartfelt messages to friends or simply ensuring they know that I remember and miss them. I hope I continue to grow and improve on myself in that aspect.


This post isn’t complete without ordeals. I’ve been in so many crazy Lagos situations and it makes me wonder how people remain sane and struggling in this city. From the never-ending heat to the poor drainage and waste disposal system, it’s all been a mess. I’ve also had encounters with pickpockets, the lying street sellers, crazy drivers and manner-less people. But I guess that’s what makes Lagos what it is.


I’ve also had quite an ordeal with my spiritual life. Getting plunged into a life of stress wasn’t easy to adjust to. I was blessed to have a mosque nearby my workplace but the late hours quickly got to me and the first two months were pretty much a struggle. I’d get home late, tired and hungry, struggle with my night prayers, sleep like the dead and wake up late. The time for my morning prayers and rituals started to shorten, in order for me to keep up with work resume time. My night prayers became harder to keep up with too.

It did become easier though, after adjusting to the routine. So yeah, this is a reminder to all of us that it’s okay to go low spiritually sometimes, because it makes you get back stronger and higher.



Still wondering if I found that work-blogging balance yet? The answer is NO. However, I believe I’m getting to acknowledge what to prioritise more. My engineering degree is a top priority and I have to stay focused on graduating with desired results. My Web Developer career is growing quite well, thanks to this internship. I’ve always struggled with the idea of being a software developer for some reasons but I’m gradually adjusting to the fact that this life really is for me. That doesn’t mean I won’t be the modest fashion and lifestyle blogger I love to be or own my own globally-known scarf brand one day or do whatever I’ve always wanted to. It just means I recognize and can differentiate between the opportunities I have, my main income streams and my passions. I still believe they can all work together and I’ll continue to try to.

As I gradually approach the end of my internship, I realize I’m not going back to school the same. I’ve seen more, experienced more and most importantly LEARNT more. I’m not there yet but I’m on the road already and THAT IS SOMETHING WORTH HOLDING ON TO.

Cheers To Growth,

With Love,



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  1. I totally agree with some of your point.I personally haven’t spent any weekend out with friends.. but at least I try to call and chat as much as I can.

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