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What Kind of Minimalist Are you? Take The Test to Find Out!

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I’ve always called myself a minimalist but I never deeply thought about what I meant by that minimalism. When I finally did, I realized I was getting it all wrong.


What is Minimalism?

To keep it simple, minimalism preaches the notion of LESS. Less quantity, less extravagance, less clutter, less stress. In summary, minimalism is so much more than what you wear or eat, it’s in EVERYTHING we are and what we do.

Like the average curious person, I wanted to find out what minimalism really meant, so I highlighted some facts about myself:

  • I love neutral decor ideas but when it comes to outfits, I simply cannot resist experimenting with nice colors.
  • I like to get quality and properly-priced things but I’d buy something I love and can afford, even if it’s overpriced.
  • I feel like I own just enough to live by but I NEVER pack light.
  • I don’t like to stress myself when it comes to choosing but I’m always overthinking.

All these “contradictions” got me wondering if I was even a minimalist at all, so I sought clarification. Even though I couldn’t find much, I discovered one could be minimalist on different things. You could be a certain kind of minimalist about fashion but not about home decor or even food. So, I decided to write about SPECIFIC MINIMALISM and compile my own classification of minimalists according to those specifics.

At the end of this post, you should be able to decide what kind(s) of minimalist you truly are, or if you’re even one. I’d love to know the categories you fall into, so leave them in the COMMENTS BELOW!!🖤🖤

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a) Do you prefer to buy things out of need and not because you want them? Would you rather spend $100 to get one great-fabric dress than get three moderately-good dresses?

Classification: You’re an Essential Minimalist. You prefer quality over quantity and only buy what you really need in your wardrobe.

b) Do you thrift shop because you prefer cheaper items? Would you go to great lengths to slash down prices even when you know those clothes are appropriately priced? Do you love DIYs?

Classification: You’re a Financial Minimalist. You prioritize spending less over other factors and you are a big fan of DIYs because they save you some extra naira (your country’s currency) for “the same” outfit results.

c) Do you love clean cuts and subtle outfits? Would you rather wear a basic but effortlessly elegant outfit?

Classification: You’re definitely a Visual/Aesthetics minimalist. You prefer simple but powerful outfits, you’d rather your outfits speak volumes but in a subtle way.

d) Do you love comfortable outfits even if they’re not so visually appealing? Are you the type that loves to pick up the first items in the wardrobe and still style them well? Would you rid your wardrobe of a lot of clothing if you felt they were unnecessary, because you never wear them?

Classification: You fall in the Mindful Minimalist category. You hate to stress too much and you just work with what is easily available to you. You’re one of those that will never have to think deeply about restyling outfits because if it requires too much of you, you’d wear something else.



a) Do you prefer to have only a handful of friends and/or family who you can fully trust and depend? Are you one to wait and be patient till you find “the right keeper”?

Classification: Affirmation says you are an Essential Minimalist in this aspect. Quality over quantity always.

b) Do you have a lot of friends but are in reality, only close to a very few? Are you considered a player even though your heart really belongs to one?

Classification: You’re an Aesthetics/Visual Minimalist. Like I already said, they choose to show only a few of what they possess.

3) Do you prefer to stay away from friends and/or family if you feel they affect your mindset? Would you prefer to be single because you feel having someone means a strain on your overall well-being?

Classification: Dearie, you’re a Mindful Minimalist. You care a lot about your mind, your mental well-being. You’d cut off all connections if that’s what would get you that peace of mind.


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a) Do you own/buy a lot of furniture but most of them either sit in your storage room or are returned? Do you tend toward white, black, grey or nude hues when deciding on colors to paint the walls of your home?

Classification: An Aesthetic/Visual Minimalist. You may actually have a lot of decor but your priority is ensuring your home look and feel minimal. You paint your walls with neutral colors, have minimal but aesthetically pleasing furniture and ensure space is always integrated into your home.

b) Would you rather buy old furniture and DIY-craft them into something beautiful? Thinking of doing your paintings and decorations by yourself because you have the tools and you have a YouTube video to guide you?

Classification: No doubt you’re a Financial Minimalist. Again, it’s all about saving a lot of extra bucks, “that can be used for something else”.

c) Have you ever felt like just keeping things down to the basics: a sofa, table, armchair or whatever? Would you prefer to get high end furniture that suit your taste just to furnish that tiny apartment you’d use for only 3-6 months?

Classification: You already should know that means you are an Essential minimalist. “Quality Essentials first” is the motto.



a) Do you pack light for travel? Do you prefer to travel with just the basics because you’re more excited about the experience ahead of you?

Classification: You’re an Experiental minimalist. You choose to focus more on the joy of living in the moment and less on other things. The experience is what you crave for, so it’s easy to fit all you need in one bag and be good to go.

b) Would you rather travel to a deserted island to chill rather than famous Instagram-worthy holiday locations? Would you rather travel to a serene village with lots of friendly people and soothing atmosphere?

Classification: Here’s a Mindful Minimalist. You don’t bother about what the “world does”. Rather, you focus what your mind wants, to be at peace.

c) Do you only travel when you feel you have enough money to ensure you’re on a luxurious vacation? Would you rather pay more airfare just to catch up on an important travel experience?

Classification: You are an Essential Minimalist. No questions.

I hope you enjoyed taking the test!! Writing this post helped me streamline and identify the kinds of minimalist I really am.

Disclaimer: There are so many aspects of life one could practice minimalism so this is not the ultimate guide to know about all kinds of minimalism.

However, I can now define myself based on these four specifics. I’m an Aesthetics/Visual Fashion and Decor minimalist, a Mindful Travel minimalist and an Essential People Minimalist.

So What Kinds Are You?

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Written With Love,



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