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Meet the Creatives of Crenet Techlabs, An IT Company in Lagos – #InternDiaries

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I’ve finally concluded my 6-month internship at Crenet Techlabs Limited and I couldn’t be more grateful to every single person at the company that made me feel right at home. Words cannot fully describe my appreciation for getting the opportunity to work at this company, so I’m here to share exclusive insights on who these creatives really are and how they’ve contributed to my growth these past months.



You need to go check out the company’s new website. I especially love the playful tease of the black and white color theme and the image transitions. Click here to check it out.

People at Crenet Techlabs honestly have this way of making you feel like family, like you can express your thoughts freely, brainstorm on ideas and most importantly, gain colleagues that become friends. Anyways, let’s get to it. This post is in no particular order:

1) Meet Shakirah


Shakirah was one of the reasons I actually applied to Crenet Techlabs. I saw her on the instagram page (@crenettechlabs). There was this sense of kinship (I get it every time with any female Muslim, lol) and I was inspired to achieve all I wanted to achieve. Throughout my stay at Crenet, she was a constant source of help and motivation.

I remember feeling very happy and fulfilled once when she sent me a message of her being proud of me and the work I did. Another one was when she got me THE BEST secret Santa gift ever, here’s a post I wrote about it. There were many highlights like that.

She was a good listener and gave loads of good advice, both about work and other things. I’ll definitely miss her and also her laughter, it was really amusing.

2) Meet Tolulope


The lady who puts the fun in Crenet Techlabs (yeah I know the word doesn’t appear, move along). Tolu is the life of the party, always there to make everyone remember to drop the laptops and take a chill pill. She’s fun to talk to and honestly, quite diligent with her job. I love how we bond over shopping online, especially about Aliexpress and oh, she also convinces herself she’s on a diet when she’s busy eating chicken😂😂😂 . Definitely gonna miss her a lot.

3) Meet Mr. Kehinde


He’s one of the CEOs but you’d most likely not guess that because he was so sociable. During my interview, I was already preparing to have one of my anxiety attacks but his tone made me relax and it felt like a conversation. He’s easy to talk to and makes you feel like you can talk to him about anything. During my first week, I remember him being amused at my fear of not being able to achieve anything and he told me to “Just start”. Just start, the rest will fall into place and they sure did.

He can be quite persistent too when it comes to distracting you but I was always amused. He smashed all my speculations of CEOs being mean and ruthless people and for that, I’m really grateful.



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4) Meet Chinedu I.


Chinedu Ifediorah, my problem solver. I really appreciated the fact that I got to meet and work with him. He had a way of finding solution to every problem I encountered. He offered his knowledge, helped research on solutions and was always willing to help. I gained quite a lot just by brainstorming on solutions together. The highlight was when he fixed my switching of components problem. He might not remember but that was when I knew he was a great asset to have.

5) Meet Usman


We call him ‘Us-baby’. I don’t know why but he always made me laugh. He was an intern too and we worked together for like a month before he discovered his strength as a backend developer. He’s young, smart and very hardworking too, seeing as he became really good in about three months.

He also had this way of saying literally anything in a funny way and he can’t whisper to save his life😂😂. Thank you for all the laughs, it was a main highlight of my stay.

6) Meet Alameen and Ire


“Oh, UNILAG boys”, I thought after their introductions. I always heard tales of UNILAG folks being snobbish and all but these two were the exact opposite. They are very sociable, quite funny and very outspoken too. I didn’t work directly with Ire but I know he’s super hardworking and always does his best, even during the extra hours of work. Alameen became my go-to problem solver after Chinedu and I’m grateful he was always patient enough to help me.

They seem to think I’m addicted to bread too, seeing as I was always eager to buy one, lol.

7) Meet Mr. Sola


The cool CEO, that’s the word that comes to mind. I remember the day of introductions when he described himself as blunt, a realist and preferred to talk issues out.  I wasn’t one to verbally express my thoughts so I thought that’d be a problem. However, over the months I got to understand what he meant and I’m glad he mentioned it because it made me realise how much people can be misunderstood for their expressions if one can’t get past the bluntness and see the truth.

He’s a design expert and I was always in awe of how he could think up such amazing designs or convert our shitty UI into something visually appealing. He also has this way of talking that gets you interested in what he has to say, I don’t know why I always slept in his classes though😂😂😂.

8) Meet Mr. Gbenga


Now Mr Gbenga is the “serious” CEO. He’s actually really nice and tries to relate with his employees when he can. When you see Mr Gbenga, work immediately fills up your mind and you want to put in your very best efforts. He always wants everyone to keep improving on their skills. I remember my first demo, he gave such constructive criticism that the opinions he offered immediately stuck to my head.

Another highlight I had was when I was blank about a design and I didn’t know what to add to give it a decent look. He offered solid ideas so effortlessly that those ideas actually transformed the page from bland to decent. I definitely gained from him on those occasions.

9) Meet Chinedu U.


I also didn’t work directly with Chinedu but I admired his commitment to work and his patience. Throughout my stay, he was so focused on a huge project and I was always inspired by how he managed to keep at it for so long without getting tired or frustrated or bored. He’s always happy to help when he can and he has a nice smile🙂.

10) Meet Judith


My seat and laugh partner, the girl always clarifying the differences between Igbo and other tribes in the South, lol. She always amused me with her interest in Yoruba and her accent. Oh and she definitely made me remember just how different people can be, when it comes to ethnicity and political opinions.

11) Meet Gbemi



My route partner. It was nice knowing her and she always made me feel humble. I liked talking to her because I was able to listen more and could express my sincere opinions when the need arose. She’s also a very choosy eater lol and that definitely cracked me up a lot.

12) Meet Lamide


We didn’t spend much time together but sitting next to her was like huge. I kept thinking, “A lawyer transitioning into another career of her choice, that’s pretty cool”. She made me so happy when she told me aboout finding my Instagram page and how she felt about it. It was quite empowering. She’s a pretty cool person and I especially love how she speaks😊😊.

13) Meet Ehis

He joined in my last month but I’m positive we would have gotten along really well if I  stayed longer. I could communicate well with him and our work flow seemed to sync. It was fun to have worked with him.


SOOO, If you read it up to this point, consider yourself really lucky to have had the priviledge to know these wonderful people. I hope I’d get to meet them all again but for now, I’m just gonna express my sincere gratitude.

So Thank You All very much, I truly am grateful.


With Utmost Love,



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