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2019 Bag Trends Worth Checking Out

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Cute bags or following bag trends have never been my thing until recently. I mostly saw no need for any accessory that couldn’t fit my laptop or books but I was wrong.


Living in Lagos and working a 9-5 for five days quickly made me realise just how important these bags are. Weekends are your days to chill, hang out with friends, go on dates and you definitely don’t wanna be carrying your laptop bag to those.

Even though I saw no need for them, I’ve been obsessing over some trends you might have come across. Finally purchasing some of them got me thinking of this post so here are four bags you definitely wanna try to add to your wardrobe:

1. Ring Handle Bags


This is one of my best buys so far. I’ve been wanting to get one of these for a long time and I was able to get an extremely cheap version at a Saudi store. It’s not the best design or the neatest finish but it does serve its purpose.


Apart from the cute circular handle, it almost always comes with straps so it can double as a crossbody bag. There are several styles and they are mostly worn as handbags, crossbody bags or tote bags.  This bag trend is definitely worth your time and your money.


2. PVC Bags

Guys, THIS was my moment of “Dreams do come true”!! Remember how I lost an amazing opportunity to be gifted this bag by my mum??

I shared this story on my Instagram!

I was compensated immensely when I got this beauty as a Secret Santa present from one of my colleagues. Shakirah, you’d forever be in my heart.


You probably must be thinking, what’s the hype?

Apart from its beauty and being aesthetically pleasing, the whole transparency concept is quite intriguing. You can literally see everything in the bag. That might be an issue for some, hence the provision of an inner compartment.

This bag goes really well with elegant dresses or just a casual but hippy everyday outfit. They also come in different bag shapes, from clutches, box bags, totes to handbags, crossbody bags. The styling options are endless and here’s how I styled the bag recently.


3. Waist/Belt Bags

I wasn’t quick to fall in love with these bags mostly becauseI wasn’t a fan of huge fanny packs. However, once I saw a picture from TheMinimaleBlogger, looking really good with a slim version, I fell in love.


The best thing about this bag is that it doubles as a belt. Belts accentuate your waistline and add character to your outfits. So a chic and minimal belt bag is definitely one to have.

The bag I got was not exactly a belt bag but it can be styled as one. Basically I’m getting two bags in one and I can’t wait to style it.


4. Straw Bags

This bag trend is forever a big hit for me. I’ve been obsessing over it since around April 2018 and for good reason! My joy knew no bounds when I got my hands on one of these babies, thanks to Aliexpress.


In my opinion, straw bags are soo versatile to style.

 I wrote about ALL the reasons to love straw bags here!

These styling options should be more than enough to convince you that it’s not JUST a bag, it’s a must-have.

Still hesitating to get one of these dream babies?? STOP thinking and get yourself one.

DO YOU OWN ANY OF THESE BAGS? WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THESE BAG TRENDS? Leave me your opinions in the comments below!!


With Love,



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