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What 2020 Made Me Do

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2020 has been such a year, hasn’t it?

COVID-19 really just came into our lives and set the course for the entire year. I’m pretty sure most of us had plans/goals set out but we most likely ended up doing things we:

– never set out time to do,

– discovering new passions/hobbies,

– learning things or even simply just slowing down to take a break from the marathon called life.

Basically, most of us did things we never thought we would.

This post highlights some of the craziest things I found myself doing during the lockdown and up until now. I also got responses from a couple friends on Instagram and I’d share that at the end of the post too.

1. Learnt 한글

I know what you’re thinking; Kdrama/KPop fan. However, that wasn’t the reason I picked it up. I just wanted to learn a new language; I’ve always been a fan of polyglots. It made sense to pick Korean because of free resources that could help with practice: Kdramas, Kpop, etc.

I learnt Hangeul with the app called Drops. It’s easily one of the best free apps that would actually teach you Korean right from the start (which is to learn Hangeul). It also taught me tons of words and some conversational talk.

Another resource I use is the free courses on TalkToMeInKorean. This has been the best form of learning for me and I wish I had a partner to practice with, I’d have been a lot better than I currently am.

2. Wrote an eBook

An actual 46-page eBook. It felt like such an accomplishment and I was quite proud of it. I didn’t get to sell it much but it definitely falls under my list of happy moments of the year.

About the eBook

It’s titled “How to Design and Develop Your Self-Hosted Blog/Website” and it’s a step-by-step manual on how to do just that.

It’s extremely detailed and takes you through everything you need to do right from scratch. You can check out this preview copy or get the full copy.

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3. YouTube became my favourite app

You’ll see why in the rest of the list.

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4. Became a K-Pop fan

I was never into K-Pop, but it came naturally to check out more content in Korean if I wanted to take my learning seriously. I discovered a YouTube channel, Awesome World and they made a reaction video to BlackPink’s ‘How You Like That’ M/V. That got me to check out the girl group and I haven’t looked back since.

Fast forward to now, I’m now a fan of BlackPink and Treasure (YG’s new boy group). I follow their YT channels and Treasure members have literally won my heart over; they’re such cute crackheads.

5. Tried dancing

Don’t even ask, just know that I never used to dance and I was enjoying choreographies in K-Pop enough to want to try them. I learnt a few moves and was pretty proud of myself.

I also found a dance YouTube channel and saved a number of videos (in case I ever wanted to try the lessons).

6. Tried to start a YouTube channel

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the story updates I shared on wanting to post all my video content on YouTube. It turns out, no matter how casual I wanted the channel to be, I still have to worry about adding thumbnails, descriptions, suitable-for-kids, etc. It’s all too much for just wanting to share videos.


I finally started a channel and I posted my first video! Do check out my channel and be sure to subscribe if you like my contents in there too✌️

7. Cut bangs

Again, I know what you’re thinking: who decides to get bangs with 4c hair??!

In my defence, I was really curious to see how it’d look and feel! Unfortunately (but not surprisingly), it didn’t look much like bangs since 4c hair obviously couldn’t fall to cover a forehead. Still, it felt nice to get the urge out of my system.

8. Splurged (a lil) on online shopping

It’s been nice to live in a region with easier shipping options. I crossed off some items on my wishlist and also canceled out some brands I’d been admiring (either because they weren’t doing much for representation or they just weren’t worth it at all).

I also got to try and purchase products that’s been really helpful with my skin.

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Bonus – Did really well on my blog

This isn’t crazy but I published a lot more posts in 2020. I was quite happy with my consistency and the milestones I was able to cross.

I wrote and published posts often and the blog was also getting good numbers. Some of my skincare posts went “viral” with search engines and they’re still performing well till date.

My blog has a lot to offer and if you’d be interested in working with me, please check out my blog stats as well as the services I offer. You can also reach me via email, I’d love to work with you!

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So that’s it guys! I hope some of these made you laugh a lil bit. I know 2020 has been something but I hope you were also able to get some smiles out of it.

Here’s to hoping for a better and safer year in 2021 🖤

With Love,



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