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5 Ways to Wear a Large Jacket Coat From Marcellamoda – NYFW Inspired Looks

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Everyone loves having wardrobe staples like a jacket/coat that can be worn and restyled in multiple ways. They are very useful for styling outfits that need more coverage or to simply give some great vibes to the entire outfit.


In this post, I’ll be sharing 5 NYFW-inspired modest style looks I created with the black Colby jacket from Marcellamoda NYC.

If you’d prefer a video, you can watch it here!

About The Brand

Marcellamoda is an Europe-based fashion brand featuring minimalist clothing inspired by New York City and handcrafted in Europe. I love that the brand thrives on minimalist and sustainable fashion, they are very eco-friendly with their product fabrics and environmentally conscious in terms of packaging. Read their full story.

1. Fit The Waistline with a Pop of Colour

how-to-style-marcellamoda-black-colby-jacket-5-ways-blogpost-khairahscorner     how-to-style-marcellamoda-black-colby-jacket-5-ways-blogpost-khairahscorner-white-belt-aliexpress

The jacket had a very loose fit on me so I added a white-coloured belt to fit the waistline and give an overall formal look. The touch of colour also elevated the look.

Outfit Details:

– Black Colby Jacket from Marcellamoda NYC, use discount code KHAIRAH10 for 10% off!

– Cara Cargo Pants from Veiled Collection, use code KHAIRAHSCORNER for discounts!

2. Choose a Same-Coloured Belt


The jacket comes with a fabric belt of the same colour and you can use this to fit it at the waist instead. I made an all-round bow tie with the belt and it came out quite nice too.

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3. Half-Buttoned

This style was unplanned but it came out really well. The highlight is to call attention to the buttons by folding out one edge of the jacket, just like a shirt! It ended up being my second favorite look, right after the first look.

marcellamoda-black-colby-jacket-half-buttoned-how-to-style-5-ways-nyc-modest-nyfw   khairahscorner-marcellamoda-black-colby-jacket

4. Shirt Fold + Accessory

You can also fold both edges like a blazer or shirt and use a brooch or any nice accessory to pin both sides together.


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5. Open Jacket

This is the easiest look to go for. It’s practical, comfortable and fits a casual look.

I also got this cute reusable face mask and I have a discount code for all my audience! Use the code KHAIRAH10 at checkout to get 10% off your orders. It can be used on any items on their website.

open-coat-veiled-collection-cargo-pants-how-to-style-marcellamoda-black-colby-jacket-5-ways-blogpost-khairahscorner       veiled-collection-cara-cargo-pants-marcellamoda-reusable-face-mask-blogpost-khairahscorner

After your first order, you also get your personal discount code and a chance to win the monthly $200 giveaway whenever you share your Marcellamoda looks!

Would you like to feature your brand/products in one of my blogposts or have a full review dedicated to your brand? You can find out how to do that here!

Check out all the services I offer too in my service list.

Thank you for reading! Let me know your favorite looks in the comments🖤


With Love,


Some items in this post were gifted*


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