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How to LAYER Your Skincare Products (A 10-STEP Routine)

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Maybe it’s just me but I still get confused with how to actually layer my skincare products the right way. Or maybe I’m not alone in this!

There are soo many products out there; some with different names yet fall under the same step in a routine and others with similar names but are actually different steps!! It can easily get confusing so this is a simple guide on the correct/right way to layer products in your skincare routine and how to remember them.


The Right Way to Layer Skincare Products

To be honest, there’s no ONE right way to do things in life; anything really.

However, there are always rules that can guide a right decision and it’s the same with skincare. You can follow the rule of thumb of layering to layer the right way.

What is this Rule of Thumb?

“Apply from thinnest/lightest to thickest.”


This rule works, with the exception of your sunscreen of course; that should always be the last step. Applying from products with the thinnest and lightweight feel means they absorb better into the skin than applying after those with thicker texture & feel.

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How to Remember The Routine

It’s one thing to know the rule of thumb, it’s another thing to remember to use it. Sometimes, I’m not able to differentiate which product should go before the other so I use these two tips to guide my layering.

1) An Illustration of the 10-Step Routine

I keep this picture in an album on my camera roll; nothing else in the album so I can easily find it. Hence, anytime I get lost and can’t remember what comes before what, this illustration comes in handy. Most times, I don’t exactly follow the steps;

E.g. I like to use my toner before a chemical exfoliant because I mostly use my toners with pads and I don’t want to wipe away the exfoliant. I also use my patches after treating because it tends to fall off if I apply it before applying serums and/or ampoules.

This is just to indicate that the steps are not set in stone and you should still do whatever you think feels a bit more comfortable.

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2) Keep this simple routine in your head

When all fails, I keep this in mind:

Cleanse – Treat – Moisturise – Protect.

This is a very simple and safe-proof routine, easy to remember and straight to the point. It’s actually a 3-step routine but if you have skin concerns you need to work on, you can include the “Treat” step.

The Treat step can be your exfoliant/serum/ampoule step or all, if need be. The key takeaway is that you’re more likely to remember when it’s just a 3/4-step routine.

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That’s all I got for you! I hope you find it simple enough to guide and help you correctly layer your skincare products from now on. Thank you for reading, don’t forget to let me know what you think of these tips in the comments!🖤

Till Next Time,

With Love,



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