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PURITO Oat-In Calming Gel Cream Review

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As someone with oily skin, finding moisturizers that don’t leave you feeling extra greasy is a top priority and one of them is the newly released PURITO gel cream! In this post, I’ll share an overview of the cream, key ingredients, skin types it’s suited for, and my overall impressions.

**It was kindly gifted by PURITO (thanks, Amy!) but all opinions are mine. Links to shop are included down below, along with discount codes!



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About PURITO Oat-In Calming Gel Cream

It claims to be a “lightweight fast-absorbing enriched gel-type cream that provides long-lasting hydration“. The combination of oat and panthenol helps to provide “refreshing hydration” to the skin while “improving its moisture levels and creating a protective barrier”.


It addresses skin concerns like redness and irritation, and although it’s suited for sensitive and oily skin types, it can be used for other skin types.

Apart from these, it’s vegan and cruelty-free! It’s also free from essential oils, silicones, fragrance and alcohol.

It comes in a standard size of 100ml/3.38 floz, at a price range of $14-$17 and you can shop it from different authorized retail stores.

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Its main ingredients are Avena sativa(oat) seed water (77%), panthenol, squalane and beta-glucan. Oat seed water is a gentle ingredient, rich in antioxidants and helps to calm irritation and improve the skin’s moisture barrier. Squalane helps to instantly hydrate and lock in moisture while panthenol is a moisturizing ingredient with anti-infammatory properties.

It also features other ingredients that work as solvents, humectants, solubilizing or skin-conditioning agents⭐.


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First Thoughts & Impressions

The first thing I noticed was definitely the packaging! It was made of paper and the outer packaging was very minimal. One thing I love about PURITO as a brand is their environmental consciousness. They’re always striving for more eco-friendly materials for their products, whether it’s packaging or ingredients.

For this cream, the cap is 100% PCR and recyclable while the tube itself is paper-based with 58% less plastic. Because the tube is paper, it might crease over time as a result of squeezing so avoid using too much force. More information can be found here.


It has a cloudy gel texture and it feels very lightweight when applied to the skin. It melts into the skin easily and although may look shiny at first, it disappears soon after and looks completely absorbed.

If you use right after cleansing and toning, it gives you this cooling effect and feels like it’s barely there! When used as the last step, after other treatment steps, it feels more like a moisturizer but still not too heavy.

Watch the video of its texture:


It also doesn’t have fragrance, but it has a nice faint smell and I like it.

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Final Thoughts

I think this cream is perfect for oily skin as stated, and definitely one to try if you dislike looking greasy. It might not absorb as quickly in hotter climates but it’s still a great option and well-suited for all skin types.

Will I recommend? Yes definitely! I loved how this is lightweight enough for the skin, especially for oily skin. It may look shiny at first but it melts in quickly and doesn’t leave you feeling greasy. If you have dry/combination skin, you can still use it in layers or in combination with another moisturizer in your stash.

Will I repurchase? Maybe! Moisturizers are not always my top priority when my stash is full of hydrating products but I like moisturizers that are suited for oily skin and this one does well enough.

**All pictures used in this post are mine except the texture shot. Do not repost/reuse without permission.

Thank you for reading and I hope the review was quite helpful! You can use the links above to purchase the product and the coupons as well.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this cream before and what you think of it🖤

Till Next Time,

With Love,



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