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September Skincare Empties + Reviews – Monthly Stash Check

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Sharing monthly skincare empties is a great way to manage your skincare stash and as you already know, every product comes with its PAO (period after opening) and/or expiry dates. It’s important to always do an inventory of your stash; pick out products nearing these dates so you can finish them off and know what you have left, unopened!


If you’re from my Instagram, you know I’m trying to finish up my current stash before their PAO. Although I’m not done emptying all of them, this post covers products I finished in September; featuring brands like COSRX, TIA’M, PURITO and ROVECTIN. I’ll share a brief overview of each product, price points, where to shop and my conclusions after use.


You can use code KHAIRAH21 to get some $$ off all orders on Yesstyle, no minimum spending required! I get a commission the same amount of $$ as the discount you get🖤

Please use the links below for each product if you’d like to shop any of them.

Some are affiliate links so I get a tiny commission for completed purchases at no cost to you! This contributes to the maintenance of the blog, so I absolutely would appreciate you using the links!🖤

1. COSRX Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser


About: A gentle gel type cleanser with mildly acidic pH level and formulated with purifying botanical ingredients. It comes in different sizes.  Read full review.

Price: $5 – $15

Shop on:

YesStyle: 50ml, 150ml (Use code KHAIRAH21 for extra 2-5% off)

StyleKorean: 20ml, 50ml, 150ml

COSRX website (All sizes)

BuyBetter (Nigeria)

Conclusion: I’ve officially marked this cleanser as holy grail for me and I’d definitely buy it again if I had to get new cleansers✅.

2. COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF 50+

About: A mixed hydrating sunscreen formulated with 55,000ppm of Aloe leaf extract. It comes in a size of 50ml. Read full review (including its tested and verified SPF levels!)


Price: $12 – $15

Shop on:

YesStyle (Use code KHAIRAH21 for extra 2-5% off)


BuyBetter (Nigeria)

COSRX website

Conclusion: It has a very nice smell but there are other sunscreen options I can try, that don’t require considerable effort to blend in✔.


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3. TIA’M Vita B3 Source


About: A high-performing double lightening serum with 10% Niacinamide and 2% Arbutin. It comes in a size of 40ml. Read full review.

Price: $10 – $15

Shop on:

YesStyle (Use code KHAIRAH21 for extra 2-5% off)


You can also buy it in Nigeria on BuyBetter NG, for 5,700 NGN.

Conclusion: Neither love or hate it and I might give it another try later✔.

4. ROVECTIN Skin Essentials Conditioning cleanser (Trial kit size)

About: A gentle low pH hydrating cleanser, contains ingredients like hyaluronic acid.  Read review.

Price: $15 – $18

Shop the full size (175ml) on:



Conclusion: I can see myself purchasing the full size later✅

rovectin 4-step skincare starter kit review blogpost khairahscorner

5. ROVECTIN Skin Essentials Activating Treatment Lotion (Trial kit size)

About: Toner (& essence) aimed to hydrate and restore the skin’s moisture barrier. It comes in two sizes and five animal editions!  Read review.

Price: $19 – $26

Shop on:

– Yesstyle: 100ml, 180ml

– StyleKorean: 100ml, 180ml

Conclusion: I really liked it and I’m definitely repurchasing when I can✅

6. COSRX Full Fit Propolis Synergy Toner

full fit propolis synergy toner cosrx review blogpost khairahscorner skincare empties

About: Daily boosting toner, formulated with 72.6% black bee propolis, 10% honey extract. It comes in different sizes.  Read review.

Price: $6 – $22

Shop on:

– Yesstyle: 30ml, 50ml, 150ml

– StyleKorean: 50ml, 150ml

COSRX website

Conclusion: Another toner I loved and I can see myself using the full size later✅

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7. CELIMAX Real Noni Energy Repair Cream

Although not empty (I passed it over to my sister), it’s out of my stash so it had to be on the list.


About: A concentrated cream infused with skin-restoring ingredients for damaged, irritated skin. It’s formulated with with 57% Noni fruit extract and comes in a size of 50ml. Read review.

Price: $22 – $26

Shop on:

Yesstyle (Use code KHAIRAH21 for extra 2-5% off)


Conclusion: It was one of my faves from the Noni set. Great for irritated skin and best used in tiny amounts (unless you’re in colder climates)✅

**All pictures used in this post are mine (except ad banners). Do not reuse without my permissions.

Thank you for reading, it was fun to collate and I hope to do more monthly skincare empties!🖤 Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these and your thoughts on them.

With Love,



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