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5 Tips To Make Your Daily Outfit Look & Feel Better

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Picking out an outfit can be crazy especially on days when you aren’t feeling like yourself and everything you own suddenly seems inadequate. You may also already have an outfit planned out, but it just didn’t look & feel right anymore.

So what do you do?



That’s the hack. Choosing the right accessories for any outfit can make it look and feel better. You can use any of these tips to spice up your outfits & make them look better, depending on the vibe you’re going for.

I created this step-by-step transformation video for a look  on my Instagram. You should check it out to see how accessorising really elevates your look!

1. Add a stylish bag

If you feel your outfit doesn’t stand out, get a bag that does. It could be a bag with intricate details, an unusually tiny purse, a woven/straw bag like mine (because they’re forever chic to me) or any bag that can make a statement.

full-modest-fashion-style-tips-transform-outfits-look-feel-better--blogpost-khairahscorner     5-tips-eid-2020-outfit-inspo-straw-rattan-aliexpress-bag-shirts-transform-outfits-look-feel-better-blogpost-khairahscorner

2. Wear a belt

Maybe it’s just me but adding a belt to the appropriate outfit always elevates the look. There’s always a significant difference in its before and after. Find a belt that works with your outfit and watch it give you a new look.


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3. Wear a statement neckpiece

I’m a huge fan of wearing layered necklaces. Adding accessories to your neck improves the look of your upper section because it calls attention to that region. After focusing on that, the whole outfit will look better.


If your brand sells/makes simple statement jewelry, I’d love to work with you to create some magic🖤.

I offer a wide range of blog services tailored for brands & small businesses. You can check them out in my service list .

4) Try some eyewear

This is a tip I always use. Whether it’s cute nerdy frames or elegant sunglasses, adding an eyewear to your outfit definitely improves your look. It’s also very useful for taking pictures as it shapes your face and transforms your facial expressions.


5) Choose the right shoes

Your shoes speak volume about you and your outfit. If you’re used to a certain type of footwear, switch things up. I’m used to sneakers so my to-buy/wishlist is full of block heels and ankle boots.

Wear stilettos if that’s your preference or try several other kinds of shoes. Trying something new may leave you feeling better about your outfit.


So that’s all I have to share! These tips can work for almost any outfit, you just have to pick the right ones.

Do you use any of these tips? What tips would you like to try?

Thank you for reading and I hope you found it useful! Don’t forget to leave me your opinions in the comments!



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